How to Cook Bibimbap, This Food from Korea

Hello, everyone. Indonesia is having a rainy season, the air temperature is very cold. Neither does the Covid-19 case that hasn't dropped yet. What about your country? I hope you're okay and can take care of health. During the pandemic covid-19, so many Korean dramas I watched.


Needless to admit, it's easy to access Korea's drama in the live streaming app becomes one of many factors love Korean drama. Not rare, stories are lifted very close to everyday life. In fact, for me who lives in Indonesia. But, in every Korea's drama, there is a typical meal that often shows. One of them, bibimbap.



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History of Bibimbap

I'm trying to make that food. However, before I share the recipe how to make bibimbap. I'll tell you a very interesting history of this food. I've been looking for a lot of information on this food history. You don't have to worry, if this food is easy to make.


If I comparation to Indonesian food, Bibimbap is a mixed rice which contains vegetables, beef or chicken, eggs and spices. Based on the information I get, this food started with the customs of local farmers in Korea. These farmers work so hard and they forgot lunch and dinner.



Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

Must be Cooked With 5 Color of Vegetable

When the farmer eat, they mix the supplies they brought to the fields. Then they ate it together. According to the information I've got, that's how the story began to be made of rice mixed from Korea. If you visit to Korea, this food is served in warm or hot. It's done to produce a much better food.


Usually, dark colors come from a musrhoom shitake . Red color from carrots. Green color from spinach. White comes from rice and radish. And last, yellow from eggs. Are you interested in trying this food? You also have to know, if this food becomes the favorite of Kyuhyun Super Junior.


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This Food is Very Popular in The World

Other things you should know, this food is very popular around the world. Recorded, this food is in the 40th position as the best food in the world. It's interesting not about this food. I'm trying to make this food fit the groceries I have. You can see from the photos I share. Don't have five colors. I'm sorry about this.


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The Ingredient Use

1#. Toge, enough

2#. Carrots, enough.

3#. cucumber, enough.

4#. Mushrooms, beautiful.

5#. Fish cake, that's enough.

6#. Onions, to taste.

7#. 1 egg


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Step by step

1#. Wash away all the ingredients that will be cooked.

2#. Cut carrots and cucumbers are square length of small sizes like matches.

3#. Cut mushrooms suit your taste. So is garlic and fish cake. I use fish cake instead of beef or chicken.

4#. Prepare salted soy and gochujang sauce. For some people who first tried this sauce, you'd feel really weird. Plus, this sauce is very different from the sauce that sold in Indonesia. Gochujang sauce is mandatory sauce in every Korean food. Almost every Korean food should wear this sauce and salted ketchup into the taste of this food.


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5#. After all the ingredients were cut, you can cook all vegetables. But you don't cook all vegetable the same time. You have cook one by one vegetable.

6#. Prepare rice in plate or bowl. If you see this food, this food is served in a hot-holding cup. But, I use plates because I can mix rice, egg and vegetables.

7#. Put rice on the plate. Plus the other vegetables. Don't forget to fry eggs. After that, serve it on rice.


8#. You can add salt ketchup and gochujang sauce to your food.

9#. The way you eat it, you just mix all the materials into one. It tastes so good but this food turns out to have a pretty big portion, and I've reduced rice.

10#. Good luck and good luck.


Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

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