Favorite Food Meatball Chicken Noodle

Meatball Chicken Noodle


Hello everyone how are you today?

Are you is a culinary lover of meatball chicken noodles like me?

Today I went to a chicken noodle and meatball stall near my house. I went with the kids.




This place is very simple, but clean.

In here,I ordered 3 bowls of noodles for the three of us, plus a sweet iced tea drink.

The stuffing in the bowl is noodles, chopped chicken, mustard greens, green onions, and meatballs.


To add flavor I added chili, hot sauce and soy sauce.



I also added wonton crackers.



I think this meatball chicken noodle is delicious, and I can eat it all the way through. Because not all meatball chicken noodles that are sold are delicious, sometimes they cook it carelessly without maintaining the true taste, this food is synonymous with savory, spicy and sweet flavors.

For 3 bowls of chicken noodles and 3 glasses of iced tea, I only paid Rp. 42,000 rupiah, very cheap right?

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you like it.

See you again with my other posts.


Dwi Purwandari

Dwi Purwandari is an ordinary housewife, she doesn't have many activities at home so she is bored. Recently, he started to learn to write, because according to her, writing is a way for her to relieve stress, can improve his mood and can express her feelings as he wants by writing. She has a dream that one day he can become a successful person by writing. Be proud of you because you can write,because not everyone is able to become a writer.

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