Making Mutton Sekuwa



Its a festive season here in our country. The only festival every people get leave from their office, business and other works. Holidays are given on average from 5-10 days. I have got 10 days including weekends as well. This holiday has given me a great flexibility for me to arrange brother's wedding as well as to spend sometime with my family.

Yesterday we had a BBQ night. Not a bbq but we call this dish as sekuwa, a meat roasted in natural wood fire or coal. I didn't find any wood coal in the market and I bought briquette charcoal. Goat meat has been used during this festival since the ancient times and we had mutton sekuwa. I also bought a small coal bbq machine that costs around 12$. Its very light, portable and cooks very fast as you can see in the picture.


Aftermath of cooking in the burning coal. Looks very tasty, spicy and juicy🤤


Accompanying the sekuwa with pickle, salad and furandana, another Nepali traditional beaten puffed rice as main ingredients. This food is spicy and contains fried potato, peanut and dalmoth.

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