Peanut Tart My Favorite❤😘😘

Hello Hiveians☺☺☺

Hope all is good☺☺☺


I have here a very delicious a not so called snack. It is a "Tart" ang it has a flavored which I like the most a Peanut. I know some of you here also loved tart. Honestly I want to know how to make this. Anyone here can show how it is made in a simple way. Some of my friend told me that making this is not so easy. You need to be careful in forming it because if you cant the entire shape will fall down. Thats all I know.


I hope someone can show it here and I will do appreciate it and follow the steps carefully to make things right.😊😊😊

Thats all hiveians. Keep safe always. God Bless you always.

truly yours,


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