Blog #97: The Manila Foodshoppe | One of the Oldest Restaurants in Cebu that is Still Loved by Cebuanos

Hi Hivers!

As the pandemic hit all over the world, a quite number of restaurants were also affected although their primary products are essential, some restaurants were not able to stand the economic crisis that leads to permanent closure. But do you know that the Manila Foodshoppe has able to stand despite the test of time? This restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Cebu. This was established more than 50 years ago but until this time it is still loved by Cebuanos.

Do you know why?


I remember when my friend told me that her family would often choose the Manila Foodshoppe restaurant everytime her family has a special occassion to celebrate. The taste of the food would always meet her family's taste preference.


Same as her family, I also like the taste of their food. I don't always eat in their restaurant since there are some restaurants close to our house but when I have a chance I dine in there.

Maybe other Cebuanos have also felt the same since until this time the restaurant is still loved by the locals.


Just this week, I went to the mall and since I saw the Manila Foodshoppe I had never doubted to dine in.

I requested the crew to serve the hot tea first since the time I went there, it was raining and I felt cold.


Do you know what? I almost consume the hot tea in the tea pot (lol). I really love tea.


Well, one of my favorites is their toppings. Have you tried it? I ordered Chicken with rice, on top of the rice are the chicken meat and veggies. It's so yummy.


This restaurant has offered wide variety of foods. You have many options. If you like seafoods, veggies or meats, you can have it there. The price is also affordable so that's why there were many Cebuanos who still love this restaurant.


What is the oldest restaurant in your place? Comment down below.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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