Indonesian Street Food - Egg Martabak and Canai Bread. So Tasty and Rich Flavor

The reason to eat at night

Hello Everybody and Hello Foodies.
Do you love to eat street food at night? I'm sure if you're not on a diet, eating different types of food that are sold in the night feels very good and difficult to reject. This becomes the question for us is why we can refuse to buy street food in the daytime but it is very easy to buy it when at night?

I have an opinion when during the day we are very focused on a variety of activities and routines such as work, study or other. So, we don't have time to think gonna buy a snack or street food. Second, while in the afternoon and the night after our work and activism, sometimes we feel stressed and need a way to take it off is to eat delicious food. Third, a lot of us who spend the night time with the night owls like watching football, tv-series Netflix, the habit to sleep late at night making the body be back hungry and sometimes street food became a way out.

Two days ago, I feel very hungry in the evening when I had dinner. Finally, I decided to get out of the house and looking for what I want to eat. For me, it just gets out of the house because in Indonesia we don't need to worry much about street food there. I choose to buy egg martabak and canai bread.

Egg Martabak


Martabak is one kind of street food that is popular in the city of Medan. In general, there are two types of martabak namely sweetness martabak and salted martabak. Martabak eggs in the category types of salted martabak. Egg Martabak adapted from the food of India and got them to be following the tastes of Indonesian people.

Egg martabak consists of various types of stuffing such as potatoes, red onion, green onion, garlic, meat, mixed with eggs, and different types of herbs. All the ingredients are mixed in a dough skin made of flour and oil, then fried until cooked.



Egg martabak has a savory taste and is good if we like a food that is rich with flavors of spices that stands out. I enjoy egg martabak by taking a little part of the food and dipped in curry sauce. Don't forget to add a little bit of a pickle to add fresh flavor to the egg martabak.

Canai Bread


The second food that I buy is canai bread. Canai bread is made from dough of wheat flour, butter, sugar, and water. These foods are round and flattened. Usually, canai bread is served with curry or sugar. I eat canai bread with curry sauce, it was delicious. Bread that has a little flavor of fresh mixed with curry sauce that has flavors of spices rich.

The dough used for the canai bread using the same materials as the egg martabak. So generally the seller egg martabak is also provided canai bread because of the use of material and the same dough.


Acculturation in Food



The price of martabak telur Rp. 20000,- (1.5 USD) and roti canai for Rp. 10000,- (0.8 USD). Both of these foods come from India and arrived in Indonesia and were brought by workers from India who used to work in the tobacco plantations in Medan city in the 1900s. And now this lot the seller martabak eggs and roti canai is the citizens of the city of Medan and masters of India, such as in the place I bought both of these foods. Medan city where I live has a long history and a place that is very friendly for every ethnicity come. With the influence of various cultures in the city, I make any of the food so rich in flavor.

Are there any foods of this kind there are in your city?

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