Brisket Smoked Beef for My Birthday : It’s Tasty and Juicy

My Birthday

Hello Everyone and Foodies, how are you today ? how is your weekend ? I hope all in good condition and have always been happy in this day and tomorrow. Today is 24 October, every October 24 is a special day for me. Because, it is the date of my day, and unfortunately it's become a sign I'm getting older and the time of my life on the wane, but its ok. during the day, my wife made the dish special, Tumpeng Rice. we ate nasi tumpeng together and also share with neighbors and family as gratitude.

In the afternoon, I start to get confused and want to go eat something. Because, today is my birthday. I want that food special, that I'm not able to eat and enjoy every day. A few days ago, I accidentally saw the feed of instagram and see there is a new food present in my city. Shape of food like this.


Buba! Grilled Burger


I went to eat to Buba! Grilled Burger, one of the local burger outlet that has a lot of menu burger facilities and also the location that attracts attention. Buba! is the abbreviation of the Bulk Size and Badly Delicious, the outlet of the burger is carrying menu fast food and western. a variety of burgers from different classes are presented here. Buba! the position is very strategic in Medan City adjacent to the Office of Governor of North Sumatra, The Great Mosque and Sun Plaza. Buba! use an old house the relics of the Netherlands as a place of fun eating a variety of dishes.

I not only came to looking for the burger only. But, there is one food that I ate that Brisket Smoked Beef. This dish I often see when you watch youtube while before going to sleep. I have a habit before going to bed to watch video about food. One that I'm curious about that dish Brisket Smoked Beef, and finally the food is there in my city.

Bisket Smoked Beef



It turns out that Brisket Smoked Beef, not yet available in the menu and is still experimental. For me not a problem, I want to try and finish my curiosity. I sliced the steak to the menu, if suitable, then I will order 100gram or 1 kg (of course if I had a lot of money). For one serving of Steak Brisket Smoke the price is Rp. 90000,-. In one plate, we will get 3 slices of Brisket Smoke with fried potatoes and vegetables.

The way of making this food a little messy and take a long time. To make smoked beef, brisket smoked for 15-18 hours. Meat is processed in smoked chamber made of stainless steel with the heat from the wood fire. The process of curing for a dozen hours making the texture of the smoked meat becomes very soft. Just use a fork we've been able to tear the meat. When eaten, the sensation of soft flesh feels very melted in the mouth. I could not say a word, the taste is very delicious.



Brisket Smoke's got a sense of the complex, there is a sensation of savory and fatty foods are very powerful and juicy texture that makes my appetite was so insatiable that moment. Things that make brisket smoke it so it feels it feels because prior to the smoked meat is in the marinade with herbs processed. If you want any additional flavors, can be added with a variety of sauces available. But my advice, don't need to use the sauce quite enjoyed the course, they were very okay and delicious.

My wife ordered a burger menu that is Cheeshroom Burger, at first glance I see a dish of burgers with grilled patty plus a splash of cheese sauce. According to my wife, the burger is also very tasty. Unfortunately I was not given permission to sample, so I can't describe it.


Okay, this is a dish that the right to close the my birthday celebration. I apologize to friends who are vegan. I hope and pray that this age I can do it better.

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