Trying to bring down our carbon footprint a little bit more!

Just before to Covid look down did started here in Belgium we did bought ourselves a Sodastream. This would decrease the need for plastic bottles drastically!
Because we were unsure if this would we used enough we did go fir the cheapest model. There was no use in buying the Rolls Royce of Sodastreams if you don’t know if you are going to use it a lot!

In the beginning due that it is new, it was frequently! But now almost 2 years further. We still use it on a daily basis. And yes the number of plastic bottles used in this household did decrease enormously. I can tell this because each 2 weeks we can put a blue bag outside with PMD (plastic and some kinds of metal). Normally we did have 2 of those bags each 2 weeks, this has reduced to one a month!

Also their is the financial advantage. You do save money but I never did the exact math. Water comes from the tab, which is the cheapest around!

But we also noticed a downside. Those plastic Sodastream bottles aren’t suited for the dishwasher and they are a pain in the ass to clean.

So it was time to upgrade to the Sodastream crystal. This one works with glass bottles which are dishwasher proof! This does save a lot of time and precious water!
A dishwasher does use a lot less water than when you do the dishes yourselves!

With a constant increase in different flavors I really can recommend it!
Recently Pepsi cola, Pepsi max and 7 up where added to the list. No surprise because Sodastream is owned by the Pepsi corporation!


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