Hotel Room Dine In, A Light But Filling Lunch With Triple Decker Sandwich.

Hello my dear friends ...
Here in this video i want to share how i ordered and eat my lunch when i had my staycation last weekend. I ordered the food by room phone. There's one funny story at the time, i called the restaurant and ordered my food. Since i have a request to remove any beef related in my food, the operator told me that she will ask first and then will inform or call me after few mins. I waited and waited, it been halc an hour. I called them again and then she said that she thought its the room 1012, she called the room few times but no ine answering the call. Actually my room is 1112, i waited for more than half an hour for mothing. Since i dong wang to waste of my energy by being upset, i just choose to let it go and asked for my food to be delivered to my room. lucky i am not someone that getting crancky when hungry.









This is their dine in menu that i have found in the room. Initially, i want to have lunch in the cafe in their lobby. But when i arrived in the room, i was getting lazy and lazier so i ended up just choose to have my food delivered in my room. I dont know if there were any difference between their room dine in menu and the cafe menu. But probably there is some difference. If we see from the menu in here, they have plenty wide variant of food that we can order. I crave for something light yet filling, so i got interested with their triple decker sandwich. Other than that, one of the option i want to take is the chicken satay. I have never eat satay in hotel before so i wang to know how it taste. Also, it reminds me of @anggreklestari ordered satay in the last time she stayed in a hotel. But since satay have lontong in it, i think it more suitable for dinner and not really for a light lunch. So i choose to not order them.




This is my triple decker sandwich. In their original, it supposed to have beef in it, but i requested that they not put any beef related things on my food as i am not a 4 leg animal eater. I didnt expect that the portion is this big. For me, this is a 2 person portion of food. I obviously cant finish them, but my friend came and helped me finished the food. I didnt take the picture but they sent some fruit as snacks too. Its lovely. I can have lunch and have some fruit as refreshment. The price is really good too. Only 72.000 idr for this. I enjoy the sandwich too it taste so good.

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