A few days ago it was raining heavily. It was after work time, so I finally decided to wait inside until the rain stopped. I just happened to be very hungry. Because I work in mall management, so it's very easy to find food to eat. At first I was a bit confused about what I would eat while waiting for the rain to stop. After walking around, I finally decided to eat at KFC.


Why did I choose KFC?

  • First, because you don't have to wait long.

  • Second, because the price is also affordable.

  • Third, because I love to eat chicken.


  • In addition, KFC which is located on the Lower ground floor of Gandaria City Mall is very clean and the employees are also very friendly.


Actually before the pandemic, my friends and I often ate KFC fi. But, during the pandemic I never eat there. This is my first time eating at the place during this pandemic.

Previously I only ordered delivery if I wanted to eat food from KFC. By the way, my order at that time was a Combo Winger package which contained 1 white rice, 3 wings and 1 cup of cola. As you know I have a problem with my stomach, so I avoided drinking cola and ordered another drink, Ichi Ocha (Sweet jasmine tea).


The total bill that I had to pay was quite cheap, only 39,000 IDR or around 2.75 USD. Isn't that a pretty cheap price for my order?


By the way, I've heard that KFC in other countries doesn't have rice on their menu. Is that true? Some of my friends also said that the price of KFC abroad is more expensive than in Indonesia. I've never been abroad, so I'm a little curious.

Okay, that was my little story.Thank you for reading my blog. Please, keep support me!

Best regards,
Devy Swan


Devy Swan

Devy Swan is a girl with a lot of dreams and imagination.She likes cooking, singing and traveling. Recently, in the last 2 years to be exact, she started learning to write. Although her writing is still not very good, but she has a hope that one day she will have her own book.

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