The Tastiest Padang Rice in a Box – A Foodie Review


Hello, Friends especially Foodies!

I always love to eat different kind of food, this gives me kind of joy that I never found in anything else (of course it is different with when I play with kittens or other things I love to do cause each thing brings to me different kind of joy), like today too. I didn’t go out for lunch, like usually, but today I would like something different and my choice then went to a famous name of Padangnese restaurant which was located not far from my office (only 500 meters something), that I found in the online apps. And actually at first I hadn’t want to write this review before I tasted their super tasty food….. But now here I try to share it to you all!


Here was some menu of the Padangnese restaurant

They sold Padangnese rice package in a box, which usually sold wrapped in paper now in the box, but they still had the menu put in the paper too so it really depends on our choice.. but the cover or package of course didn’t reduce the tastiness of the food they sold. After looked a while then I decided to have the B package, with chicken in a box plus I added the balado egg too.


After waiting around 30 minutes, the food was delivered to my office, I took it in the lobby in front of the banking hall, the food then arrived. Here how it looked like


Wrapped in the paper box that environmental friendly, it sealed in the outside plastic bag plus the sticker inside sealed the box. Great and nice packaging they had. And inside it was hygienic, clean and neat too, they separate all well, I needed to open the plastic package for the gule chicken and also balado egg, while the rice and whole also had a plastic on the top. Cause they also gave a slice of watermelon here. In my opinion, this was nice.


The package I had included gulai chicken, balado egg, fried potato, cassava leaves, and of course, green chilli paste plus sliced cucumber. They also gave a slice of watermelon for the dessert.

Unexpected taste of the food, really beyond my expectation cause they made it really fresh and tasty. I would like to share the flavour of each dish one by one here:

THE GULAI CHICKEN – Served warm, it had the special flavour of tastiness, with savory and spicy flavour it had thick soup in coconut which made it really special. It made me crazy, even I ate it in the end because it was too delicious to eat. The chicken was so soft and their secret ingredients of spices you could taste in every bite of the chicken. THE BEST I EVER TASTED!

THE BALADO EGG – Also served warm, how to process it was they boiled the egg then fried it, last add the balado spicy chilli sauce on it, but it actually had the dominant sour and sweet plus a bit spicy and savory. The egg was fresh like the chicken they cooked. So it was so tasty!

THE BALADO POTATO – same like the egg, it had sour and sweet flavour with a bit savory and spicy flavour. DELICIOUS!

THE CASSAVA LEAVES – it had light flavour so I ate it with the gulai thick soup, hmmh tasty! It was as tasty as the gulai then…

THE GREEN CHILLI PASTE - it had the spicy and savory, a bit bitter as green chilli's original flavour.

Even THE WATERMELON also tasted sweet and fresh. I took the photo after i ate a bit of it ;).

I really enjoyed my lunch at work today…


From the original price 42,800 IDR, I only paid 23,800 IDR or just 1.7 USD cause I used the promotion voucher in the online app. Really affordable price, isn’t it? Even what I eat usually has higher price than this one.

Come and try our authentic PADANGNESE RICE here too!

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5th Hayam Wuruk Street
Gambir, Central Jakarta
Open daily 10AM-9.30PM

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