Finding a Gem in the Dessert - a Foodie VLOG

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Hello, friends especially foodies!

Yesterday mom and i went to ITC mangga dua, a heaven for shopping, where you could buy many things in cheaper prices. Actually there, there was a food stall on their food court that we also missed a lot, the one that sold pork mixed rice.. so we went there after buying some things...

The food court was located on 7th floor, you should take a bit stairs then after that, the escalator to the food court.


When we were there, we were surprised cause unfortunately many food stalls were closed permanently. So sad cause they couldn't pass through the pandemic :'.
Like a dessert here, dry cause not many kind of food like before...

The Restaurant

So we then decided to 2nd floor where some restaurants were also there. Then we found a restaurant which also sold the same menu that we missed, pork mixed rice. Look, the restaurant was not large and looked modest.


The Menu

Here was their menu


Not many menu, only pork rice, chicken rice and bakuteh.

The Kitchen

A waitress was busy, preparing the mixed rice for some customers, also us.


The Food and The Look

When ordered mom already asked them to put ours in their take away boxes, so here what we had...


The taste and The Flavour of Our lunch



Both of us chose their hainam campur complete (Complete mixed hainanese rice)
Lucky for us it was so tasty.

The taste of each that we had:
Hainanese rice - smelled great, savory, so delicious and tasty with a large portion.
Bbq pork - sweet, savory, tasty, and soft.
Crispy pork - crunchy but soft, savory and tasty
Bbq chicken - sweet, savory, tasty and soft
Egg - sweet
It served with their tasty sweet sauce :9.

The Price

It was 95,000 IDR but i got 6k IDR cashback for using a platform of payment, so it was 89,000 IDR or around 6.25 USD.


So wanna try this gem too?

Business Information

Sedap Wangi
A28, 2nd floor ITC Mangga Dua
North Jakarta
Open daily 10am-5pm

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