Easy peasy corn soup (My First Time Experience)


Hello, friends especially foodies @foodiesbeehive!

Today i would like to share something new, an invention of strolling in the supermarket. Yes, i found this one of corn soup, instant one, you only need to pour hot water on it then it is said that you would get a sweet corn soup. This was my first experience and i would like to share it to you all,guys.. so now why don't just check it out how i tasted it.

First, this one is the outer, wrapped in a plastic like sachet coffee, here was the sachet soup looked like..


I opened it and put it on my cup. The look was like powder with some chicken dried topping there too as the topping.

Oh yeah i also checked the nutrition facts that it had, one serving was 20 grams and it contained 100 ccal calories, not too high, i think.


Then i poured the hot water on the cup.


Stirred it until it blended well with the hot water.


And now time to try it, it had soft not too creamy texture, with the sweet flavour and chicken topping. Tasty enough, but somehow i still prefer the instant cooked one.
And good thing was a cup of it made me quite full so it might be a solution when you are hungry at night and don't want to eat much.

YES, if you want to make an efficient, low calories one, you should try this instant sweet corn soup, plus the price was just around 7K IDR or around 0.46 USD.

Thanks for reading my article and happy friday, friends!

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