Lockdown packed food in memory lane

Lockdown is boring, worst is one need to stand by in front of computer and there's virtually nothing much I can do about. So, naturally, food become one of the biggest thing for me.


It all begin with this Kuih Talam (Pandan tray cake). It's a dual layer cake made of pandan leaf at the bottom(the green part), and coconut milk extract on top. I remember when I was very young, there's a short period of time my mom sent me to my grandma's house after a surgery. Grandma will always bring this back when she go to the market. When grandma turn around, I will pull the white layer off, and throw away the green. In my mind, green means vegetable, and vege sucks. So I choose to stick with anything other than green. However, as I grow older, started to realize how much I've been missing when I was younger. There's so many green stuff that taste actually better than meat.

Over the past few days I've been indulging into crazily good food, and my bodyweight has been consistently increasing. So decided to go for less heavy lunch. Ordered a BBQ pork rice for the boy, roast pork rice for the girl, and I took roast pork, BBQ pork and roasted chicken wing. No rice, should be good. Anyways, later the kid push over some of their rice that they couldn't finish, and there goes my plan. Ended up eating more carbs and more fat!


Dinner wasn't really something exciting, as ex-girlfriend decided to order from Grabfood(our local Ubereats). They order fried rice, and I decided to go for Singapore Beehoon. There are a lot of story behind the name, I'm not going to dive into that much now, perhaps another separate topic some other day. The noodle is too dry, too little ketchup, too much chili, onions are too raw for Chinese food. Taste was not too bad, it just doesn't feel that good. Ex-girlfriend gave me a portion of her steam pork and that helped ease the pain. Towards the end of the plate, the noodle virtually soaking in cooking oil, that said the cook actually trying to salvage a very dry rice noodle by adding more oil, but it just doesn't go this way. So, I did wasted the last few scope of noodle and call it a day.

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