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I think, stress relief for women there are 2 ways. Eating and Shopping. All women, especially me *lol love it. Shop anything without looking at the bag dwindling and takes what it wants to eat can release the hormone oxytocin so that the automatic body feel happiness and relieve stress experienced by the soul of a person.
Because a lot of things going on lately make me have to release the fatigue and stress of existing in the soul, I decided to invite my cousin to eat at a Korean restaurant is famous in the city of Medan. Why should be in a Korean Restaurant? Because I want to feel the new taste that is very different from the food that I eat everyday.

Eating Korean food is the thing I want to do because it is very curious with the taste of the food that I usually see in Korean dramas. See the actors who are acting in screen glass'm making a scene sipping ramyon with kimchi make the stomach feel hungry and increase the curiosity is there.



Patbingsoo restaurant is a restaurant that offers typical food of korea halal located in the center of the city of Medan. This restaurant is very famous with a typical Korean dish that has a delicious flavor and cheap. Often times on home media sosilku suggest me to try the food in this Restaurant, but because in Medan are restrictions on social, so I can visit this restaurant.


Has a strategic location and is also easy to reach, this restaurant has a fairly extensive and the atmosphere of a typical business are located in Seoul, South Korea. On the walls in the Restaurant, there are a lot of posters on the Idol Kpop Korean famous. There is BTS, EXO, Blackpink, NCT, Twice and Super Junior. Then the chairs and dining table in this restaurant looks pretty interesting, almost the same with a restaurant in part drama korea. A Playlist of music that is played like BTS-Dynamite, NCT-Kick It Blackpink-Kill This Love, Twice What Is Love, and much more.



In the list of menu, a lot of the food menu offered like Budae Jjigae, Bokkeumbab, Jjangmyeon, Kimbab, Tteokbokki, and Ramyeon. The drinks offered are also many, ranging from soju, fizzy drinks, ice cream signature and juice.
On this occasion, I and my cousin ordered Tteokbokki with a taste that is very spicy, Kimbab, Ramyeon and 2 ice cream signature. Well this time I want to review the taste and the recommendations I'm about the food in this restaurant. Check this out!

Patbingsoo Menus



The first to taste Ttekbokki, we ordered the tteokbokki with plus cheese mozzarella with the level of the message that is perfect to make stomach feels sore ahahaha. It feels very out of expectation, I think, a sense of tteobokki is mediocre, but the taste of it was presented very tasty and tteok made is also very sticky, does not have a weird smell like tteok isntan in general, as well as gochujang which are used very fresh. A little bit of sour and sweet that make tteokbokki is very remarkable until I didn't think to stop eating it.



In the whole Country must have dish in the shape of noodles. In Korea souther, there is called Ramyeon, I think his name is almost the same as the name of the Ramen at a noodle in Japan. Ramyeon, which is served by the restaurant is also the same as I see in Korean Dramas. The noodles are served in a pan of colored gold is very charming. Ramen is cooked with a very good, a mixture of various herbs typical of the State of korea that is very thick, given the variety of topping such as seaweed and little pieces of tofu are so good.



I guess, kimbab and sushi is a thing yag same. Apparently not! Although the same shape, but the stuffing on the kimbab very different with sushi. On kimbab that our messages are stuffing cucumber, carrot, lettuce, eggs and beef bulgogi which everything is wrapped with rice and seaweed. Although different, however the taste remains the same delish!

Ice Cream Signature


For the dessert menu, I ordered ice cream signature that is very sweet and fresh. Very suitable as a dessert is beautiful. Shavings of ice that mix with coconut water, cendol and palm sugar to make my tongue vibrate. It feels so incredible to make me not quit to close the mouth.

See you in the next one..


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