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Lensy.io is the first ever NFT Market exclusively for tokenized photography, giving photographers the ability to sell thier tokenized creations on the hive blockchain. Lensy currently has two main categories, fine art photography and stock photos and the ability to assign commercial rights if desired.

Looking to expand our user base we are excited to announce our first photography contest. These contests are intended to attract new users of Lensy.io, give them the chance to easily get whitelisted and also help them tokenize their first photo for free.

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Rules and How to Enter

This is a contest to attract new users so for now only those who are not already whitelisted on our site can participate, we are looking forward to making additinal contests for our whitelisted users after this first one is over.

The rules are pretty simple

1. Make a post in any of the Hive photography Communities, with at least 3 photos you took for the theme of the week.
2. Use the tag #Lensy as the first one of your post.
3. Share your post in any of your social media accounts and tag @lensynft (our accounts in Twitter & Instagram)
4. Leave the link of your hive post and social media account in the comments of this post.

Additional Notes

  • The photos can be of your previous work, can be from a same photo shoot, can be raw or edited.
  • You can add whatever you like to your post, like story behind the photos, why you chose them , or anything you feel adds to the context of the images.

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Theme of The week


The first theme for this contest is Halloween. We are looking forward to seeing your best spooky photos!

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Prizes and Choosing the Winner

1. The Winners will be whitelisted automatically on our site http://lensy.io so they can tokenize the photo of their choice
2. Their first tokenization will be free*

*This will be a single edition token in the category of their choosing with the rights of their choosing.

The number of winners will depend on the number of participants we have, it can be more than 1!

Winners will be chosen by the @lensy team of moderators taking into account the same criteria we use to whitelist any reglar users of our site.

The contest begins today and ends on Saturday, Ocotber 31st at Midnight, winners will be picked the following day.

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We are looking forward to seeing your entries and remember, we are always looking to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to improve Lensy. Feel free to leave any ideas you have in the comments down below!


Visit the site and browse Photography: https://lensy.io/

Find us on Twitter & Instagram

For any questions or support please visit us in our Discord

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