The "HypnoChain" Hypnosis Community, a New Wellness Micro Niche on Hive!

Taking a little sidetrack from our usual content today, to talk about a promising new "Micro Niche Community" that just started on Hive called "Hypno Chain."

As the name suggests, the community is based around hypnosis related content. I stumbled upon it more or less by accident, because a small amount of their native HYPNO tokens suddenly appeared in my Hive-Engine wallet.


I think this is a very interesting addition to the greater mind-body-spirit wellness community here on Hive, and welcome because I believe the future growth of the Hive ecosystem will be helped significantly by diversity of content types.

Hypnosis tends to be widely misunderstood by the broader public, who think either of carnival acts that make people think they are chickens OR of TV "Master Hypnotists" who make people believe improbable things for entertainment purposes.

Not nearly as many are familiar with Hypnotherapy as a part of the mental health and wellness industry, where it is quite widely used with a high level of success to treat addictions, phobias and anxiety disorders; as well as to uncover repressed memories of traumatic events for the purposes of healing the mind and spirit.


Hypnosis has also been successfully used as part of the process of "de-programming" people who have been part of cults.

Hypnosis definitely does enjoy a bit of a "mixed" reputation in some circles, often related to the associated risk of practitioners building "false memories" in patients in the course of their efforts to heal. This is actually an issue that's more related to the skills and intentions of practitioners, than to problems with the approach, itself.

When you're seeking a hypnotherapist, it is extremely important to pick someone with a proven track record of success, and who's familiar with the potential risks and isn't making "tall tale promises" about what they can accomplish through hypnosis.

Since this is primarily an introductory post, I'm not going into excessive detail here; that's for another time!


Anyway, the Hypno Chain Community has its own community page, but more interesting than that it also has its own front end site at and the community also has its own freshly minted HYPNO tokens on Hive-Engine... which can be earned as rewards for posting hypnosis related content to the community page.

Do head over to the Community Page and subscribe... and take a little time to understand what sort of content is OK, and what isn't.

The rules aren't particularly clear or elaborate, but in reading a few comment responses by founders @dannychain and @hypnochain, a broad range of content appears to be welcome... as long as it is directly related to hypnosis. If you visit the community front end, you'll see a pretty extensive list of suggested tags in the left side column.

The community also has a Discord server.

As one of the earliest adopters, I just wanted to pass this along to invite others to "get onboard!"

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings to all!

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