Sweet and Sour Spicy Guava


Who does not know this fruit? I'm sure all fruit lovers, especially rujak culinary, must be familiar with this fruit, this fruit is usually used to mix fruit in rujak, its name is guava.


Guava (Psidium guajava) which is red in color is usually used as a fresh drink such as juice, because the vitamin content contained in guava fruit is believed to increase the number of platelets in patients with dengue fever. While the white guava is usually used as a mixture of fruit in salads, its sweet and fresh taste makes it a fruit that is liked by many people, this guava also tastes delicious when processed into sweets or pickles. But many also consume it just by washing it clean and directly, eaten unprocessed or just dipped with salt.
I myself prefer to process it so that it is richer in taste. Today I will make sweet and sour spicy guava, this sweet and sour spicy guava preparation is more delicious to eat when the weather is hot
The materials needed are also easily available in the market.
The materials we need are:
a.1 kilogram guava (can be red or white)

b.150 grams of sugar
c. 1 tablespoon full of salt
d. 8 pieces of cayenne pepper (choose the red one, for those who like it spicy add the cayenne pepper and for those who don't like spicy, reduce the cayenne pepper)
e. 2 pieces of red chili (adjust the amount according to taste)
f. 6 musk oranges (if not available, replace with sliced ​​tamarind)
g.500 mL water


How to make:
Bring water and sugar to a boil, after boiling let the sea of ​​sugar cool down


While waiting for the sugar solution to cool, wash the guava and cut it according to taste and remove the seeds (I didn't peel the skin, because I believe there are a lot of vitamins in the skin of the fruit)


Finely grind cayenne pepper, red chili and salt.


Cut the musk orange according to taste


Mix the pieces of guava, mashed chilies and pieces of musk,Stir until well blended.


Enter the cooled sugar solution into the guava mixture.


After everything is mixed well, put it in the refrigerator.

You can enjoy sweet and sour spicy guava when relaxing with your family while watching TV. Feel the spiciness of the cayenne pepper, the sweetness of guava and the fresh sour taste of musk.
Remember, you can reduce the amount of cayenne pepper if you don't like spicy, so you don't have a stomach ache
Good luck, stay healthy and keep the spirit

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