Sweet and Sour Green Mango Sauce


Sauce is one of the culinary delights that has a spicy taste, there are many types of chili sauce that are famous around the world, such as Indian green chili sauce, Mandhi rice tomato sauce and Arabic briyani rice sauce, red pepper pasta from Turkey and many more famous chili sauces from Indonesia. all countries (every country has its own characteristics).

Indonesia as one of the spice producing countries also has recipes for various types of chili sauce, even in each region has its own special sauce, such as green chili sauce from Padang, Andaliman chili sauce from North Sumatra, Manado dabu-dabu chili sauce, Balinese sauce matah, sauce pecak typical of Betawi and Sundanese, sauce colo-colo typical of Maluku and a very famous sauce (sauce a million people) of the Indonesian people, namely sauce terasi (belacan).

Sauce is usually served as a complement to the main dish with various vegetables (as fresh vegetables), there is also sauce which is usually served with certain fish such as andaliman sauce with carp, pecak sauce with fried catfish. Even though chili is only used as a complement to dishes, many people can't eat without it (including myself).

The spicy sensation you get by eating chili sauce causes your appetite to increase, especially when the chili is served with warm rice and fresh vegetables (so you want to eat chili sauce).

Today I'm not in the mood to eat, so I'm going to make chili sauce that tastes sour, but spicy and sweet, so that I have an appetite to eat. The spicy sensation you get by eating chili sauce causes your appetite to increase, especially when the chili is served with warm rice and fresh vegetables (so you want to eat chili sauce).

coincidentally this morning I saw one mango on the tree, it looks like the last mango, because there is only one.


The sauce that I will make is made from green mangoes (young mango sauce) which I create according to the taste I want (there is spiciness, there is sweetness and there is sourness).
Why did I choose young mango sauce?
Because the nutritional content of green mangoes can improve my appetite, the content of vitamin C, iron, magnesium and calcium in young mangoes with a sour taste is perfect for increasing my appetite when I have no appetite.

The basic ingredients needed to make spicy, sour and sweet green mango sauce are very easy to get, especially if your area is in the mango season.

The materials needed are:

  1. 1 green mango (200 grams),can be any type of mango, choose the young one.
  2. 50 grams of red chili
  3. 50 grams cayenne pepper (either green or red) can be added or reduced according to taste and the level of spiciness you want.
  4. 4 cloves of garlic
  5. 5 cloves of red onion
  6. A piece of shrimp paste (I used 2 pieces, because the size of the shrimp paste I bought was small) choose a good quality one, because the taste of the chili depends on the quality of the shrimp paste.
  7. 50 grams of palm sugar
  8. a little sugar, usually I only use 1/2 teaspoon (if you don't use it that's okay)
  9. salt to taste according to taste (usually I use 1 teaspoon)


How to make:
A. Wash all the ingredients (peel the green mango).


B. Fry with a little oil red chili, cayenne pepper, onion, garlic and shrimp paste.


C. After all the ingredients wither and the shrimp paste smells good, turn off the stove.


D. Immediately puree all the ingredients (the secret to the chili sauce is fragrant, puree while all the ingredients are still hot).
E. Add salt and sugar
F. When all the ingredients are well mixed, but still rough, add palm sugar


G. Grind all the ingredients until smooth, taste the taste (is it sweet and salty to your taste)


H. Add pieces of young mango (mango can be grated or thinly sliced, depending on taste)


I. Stir well the sauce



Sweet, sour, spicy green mango sauce is ready to be enjoyed with warm rice.

TIPS. When removing the stalks of cayenne pepper, don't throw it all away, leave some with the stalks on, so you don't get a stomach ache.
Good luck.
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