Multiplying Ginger (Zingiber officinale) In Polybags / Pots.

Hello natural medicine lovers. I hope we are all in good health and able to carry out activities well.
I love gardening and make gardening one of my hobbies. The problem is that I don't have enough land for gardening, but that problem doesn't stop me from gardening.
One of the plants that I grow and reproduce is ginger. I planted white elephant ginger. Why did I choose ginger?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many rumors in the community that mentioned ginger rhizome as an alternative to natural medicine. If consuming ginger rhizome can help prevent the spread of covid 19 and cure covid 19 sufferers. Of course this is not entirely correct, further research is still needed to prove the rumors circulating in the community.

Ginger Plants in Polybags

Due to the limited land I have, I decided to plant ginger using polybags / pots. My friends and neighbors say growing ginger in polybags / pots is very easy.Buy seeds, sow, plant the seeds, take care of them until they are harvested, (but the fact is that after planting, ginger doesn't grow and dies). What is wrong?

How to plant ginger using polybags is not the same as planting ginger in the garden.
I personally have planted ginger several times and harvested the results. With only 1/2 kilogram of ginger that I bought at the traditional market, within 6 months it could reach 20 kilograms without being given artificial fertilizer. How do I propagate ginger in polybags / pots?

The first step: choose good seeds. Pay attention to the following two ginger rhizomes, which one will you choose to be used as seeds?

Ginger rhizome seed candidate

The right is the old ginger rhizome and the left is the young ginger rhizome. Most people will choose old ginger rhizomes to be used as seedlings, but not with me, I will choose young ginger rhizomes, because I think young ginger rhizomes will continue to grow and develop, but old ginger rhizomes are difficult to grow and develop because there are few shoots on the roots.

Young rhizome

The second step: plant the seeds in the ground, during the seeding period, try not to expose the seeds to direct sunlight. After 7 days, the ginger rhizomes began to sprout and on the 25th day, the ginger seeds were ready to be transferred to polybags.


Seeds ready to plant

The third step: prepare the soil media and polybags,use humus soil(I used burnt waste soil, the color tends to be black).

Soil media and polybag

The fourth step (this is the most important): fold the polybag until the remaining 1/3 part.


The fifth step: put ordinary soil that does not contain a lot of humus at the bottom of the polybag.


The sixth step: enter the black humus soil, plant the seeds in an upright position and place them in the middle of the polybag.


New plants planted

The Seventh step: After 30 days of planting, new shoots have grown and on the 50th day new plants grow.



The eighth step: After the 90th day of planting, new rhizomes begin to grow that stick out above the soil surface in polybags.



Ginger rhizome sticking out, we cover the ground again.



We begin to open the folds of the polybag and we fill the soil again to cover the ginger rhizomes that stick out to the soil surface.

The ninth step: On the 120th day after we planted, the ginger rhizome began to fill the polybag. When the ginger rhizome begins to pop up to the ground, we cover the ground again, and so on until the harvest.



The Step 10: If the leaves are too thick, we can cut them.



on the 100th day after planting, the ginger plant begins to flower.


Ginger rhizomes begin to be harvested after 120 days of planting, some are harvesting them sooner or later, according to our wishes.

when the ginger rhizome starts to grow, we can break it down (move some ginger plants to another polybag) in this way our ginger plants will be more and more.

Suggestion: Don't harvest ginger over the age of a year, because I have experience, I harvest ginger after a year and the ginger rhizome begins to dry in the ground.

Here is the ginger plant that I planted in the basket. But there are some eggs there, my chicken doesn't have a cage, I just let it go wild, so that when it's egg-laying season, the chickens will find a place to lay their own eggs 😂😂😂😂


All photos i take from my garden, using iphone 7 plus camera. happy gardening, good luck.

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