Solistice, So much to Celebrate!

This, the night before Solstice, I sit here writing, after attending a small pop up market where I sold some chutney's, done some spoken word and distributed our new Zine called 'Free Folk'(more on that another Day). A perfect day to celebrate new beginnings!


On top of that out collective, came together and declared itself a sovereign nation, where myself and 9 others became a part of The Global Community Trust and took our place as Founding Anarchotrustees for the Alpujarra Rising Trust. We held a beautiful ceremony in the Birthing Temple, where we each pledged to uphold the Trust's objectives, to let humankind be self governed and to do no harm onto others!

I am still buzzing from the event, such a wonderful empowering experience!

Solstice is our time to be still and acknowledge the journey that has brought us to where we are now. Nature is here to guide us as we navigate our way in this world, living in sync with the seasons allows us to re connect with our inner self.

The period between Samhain and Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year, the days have grown shorter and we have withdrawn into ourselves. In doing so we have taken the time to expand our connection with our inner realms. Growing our knowledge and wisdom and readying ourselves for the time when we become more active again.

During those long dark nights, we had the opportunity to sow our seeds, nurture our ideas and plans, and now with the return of the light, we can slowly begin to manifest them.

The dark is such a vital part of our existence, it is within the dark that we achieve our greatest growth and strengthened our inner core. This is the time to face our demons, our fears so that we can be reborn again with the sun.


Now is the time to let go of the past, allowing the old
to die, so that we can make way for the new. A new cycle within our lives, where we can focus on healing the many wounds caused by the current mindset of segregation, fear and dominance.

The light returns to us here, in the Northern Hemisphere and from now on, our days will begin to get longer, just as we begin to birth our visions, which grow along with the increasing light. Everything cycling and connected

There are many different ways in which to celebrate Solstice, gathering with family and friends , which is one of my favorites, as we are coming out of our hibernation and it allows us to show them our gratitude by coming together and celebrating each other. By doing this we are opening the doors of abundance into our lives.

In the past, I have gone to the highest point, near to where I live to watch the sun rise. To welcome it’s return. In Ireland many people travel to Newgrange in Co Meath, a prehistoric monument that was built around 3200bc. Each winter people travel far and wide, to watch the sun illuminate the passages and chamber of this tomb, as it rises on the Solstice. Waiting in the darkness, for the first rays to reach them.


Image From Pixabay

In England, many people travelled to Stonehenge to celebrate the return of the sun!

Stonehenge has a very colourful history and one that is bound to reignite many memories for those living in diverse and vibrant communities . Stonehenge is one of the world’s most iconic sites and it is not hard to be overcome with a sense of awe when you visit it. It is steeped in tradition and magic. For thousands of years, people travelled far and wide to celebrate both the Summer and Winter Solstice, amongst these majestic Stones that encircle you.

In the 1970’s people congregated to celebrate, music and art and soon created a free festival, that embodied the magical energythat resides there. But as the festival grew and the numbers multiplied, the government felt the need to impose their authority and deemed the festivals unlawful. But still the people came, caravans of people wishing to live a ‘free and creative life’.

Tensions grew, and in 1984 it came to a head, when the police turned out in force to prevent people from reaching Stonehenge, from celebrating a tradition that was 1000’s of years old. The police led those travelling in vehicles into a field and brutally attacked everyone and everything that was in there. (The battle of the Beanfield) My words could never convey the injustice,that was experienced that day!

From then on,Stonehenge was closed to the public, that was until the year 2000, when they re opened the site. A site that was never theirs to close (but that’s for another story). Finally people were able to return to this olde ,olde tradition and reconnect with this sacred site.

Until this year , that is! This year because of the ‘Virus’, they have closed Stonehenge, once again preventing people from doing what they need the most. Reconnecting, remembering, celebrating.

So this Solstice,make sure to come together with others and celebrate, honour this sacred time and do not let the authorities take away, what fundamentally makes us Human!





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