Passion fruit peel jam

Normally, when using passion fruit to drink or cook, people often throw away its peel, perhaps because it is not known that the peel of passion fruit can be processed into a delicious and healthy dish.
Passion fruit peel has a lot of fiber, making jam is both delicious and unique.


Health benefits of passion fruit (passionate passion fruit).

Prevent respiratory diseases.
Rich source of vitamins and fiber.
Good for diabetics.
Prevents the growth of cancer cells
Stabilize blood sugar.
Cardiovascular Protection.

Preparation: 0.5kg passion fruit
50g yellow sugar


Step 1:

Wash passion fruit with a knife and peel off the hard outer layer. To cut the passion fruit vertically, remove all the intestines and remove the innermost membrane.

Step 2: Cut passion fruit rind into strands and soak in dilute salt water for 15 minutes. Take it out, rinse it, and let it dry,

Choose fresh, hard-skinned passion fruit for easy peeling.
Peel very thinly to retain the tough outer layer.

Step 3: Sieve the passion fruit pulp through to get the juice.

img_9544.jpgTake a passion fruit juice strainer to marinate the pulp and sugar before slugs. Then cut the passion fruit into long, thin pieces of your choice.

Step 4: Boil passion fruit rind with a little salt for half a minute, remove immediately with cold water to remove the viscosity. At this time, the peel is needed for sugar, every 200 peels for 50g of yellow sugar and 50ml of passion fruit juice. Wet when the sugar dissolves, then slug jam.


Step 5: Put the jam into the pan and slug with high heat to bring to a boil, then lower the heat to low, slug until the water dries up. Turn off the stove and continue stirring until the water evaporates as much as possible. We have a delicious tangy passion fruit jam with the characteristic smell of this fruit.


I wish you success ❤️

The result after slug, the pieces of passion fruit are soft, flexible, sweet, and mildly fragrant. Enjoy with a delicious cup of tea ah!

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