"Down to Earth Attitude Gets You Good Value !" Lesson From Nature.

Nature is our Mother....Nature is great healer..., Nature is great magician bla... bla... We always get hear so many things about Nature. And rightly so as Nature is the one which helps to survive and live our life. There are so many secret of Nature which are yet to discover. And some we need to monitor closely to discover how nature unwind its magic.


From the many gift of the Nature , one I discover on my terrace garden. The growth of Green Chilli. As I am writing this, my entire garden is filled up with small flowering buds.


The small buds which is like a white dot on the green leafes, looks very cute. It is one of the kind of led bulbs on the green plants. Slowly it started to blossom.


Small dot to little flower. The shape turned lengthy. Another remarkable thing to notice, that the face of the bud is towards the ground, so does the blossoming bud.


Slowly it was a full blossom White flower, that gives us a good look to my garden. Still those were too small to compare with any known flower. No smell, not big still it is kind of beauty, adding on my garden.


Anyhow the face the flower remain down to earth. Never ever I saw them facing upward. Might be these plant understand that being small, they won't get much value and being down to earth is the safest thing to do any place.

But the little plant doesn't understand that once they turned into a big Chilli, they become an important and integral part of all the kitchen around the world.


The journey that starts with a small bud to becoming so valuable item is unnoticeable. Despite being small, they have greatest value, one could ever think about. From a little white bud to a big Green Chilli. . The story noone ever notice yet nature shows us.


In a nutshell, it gives an important life lesson. Having a down to earth attitude in life, is not a shame. It is something that going to give you more value in life. People have high flying wishes in life, but most important is to cover the basics. And keep your attitude to be low as possible. And when you have your turn, you will start getting the value that your deserve. Like the Green Chilli

To add on Nature is a great Teacher. 🙂


Namaste @steemflow

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