The invasion of the ants



I do not know if you will think the same, but the year 2020 brought with it not only the plague of the Crown, but plagues of various kinds, such as those that affect our crops. And it is that while the year 2019 had a very favorable and benevolent climate with gentle and constant rains, which greatly favored my plantings, the year 2020 began a cycle of pests that I was unaware of and that had never been on my backyard, such is the case of ants.

Usually in my backyard there were common and wild ants, the kind that walk in a hurry, without realizing their surroundings, that are very scary and never bite. I remember, only once did the bachacos arrive, those huge red ants that destroy every plant they get in their path, and I applied a repellent to them that was very effective, and they never came back. Now, for 4 years a guava tree grew spontaneously, and the ants, as if by magic, began to arrive ants in greater quantity and diversity; and it is that this plant works as a kind of beacon for them, it attracts them. But what I discovered earlier this week worried me, because they are fire ants, that is, they sting and make huge ant hills and can cause much more damage to my backyard.



The entrance to each anthill (I counted 10) is approximately one centimeter wide, nothing to do with the discreet anthill of the common and wild ants of always, this is different, by the way today I saw, (but I did not take the photo), a chimney-type anthill, that is, with a vertical tubular elevation at its entrance, as if to protect it from the rains.

Two months ago I bought some biological controllers for pests, which are based on certain fungi that are harmless to bees (remember that I have many species of bees on my site), and then I decided to apply this powder to these intruders, in order to see if I eradicate them from my backyard. I will be telling you, here I show you how I applied this product to them.

However, I would be very grateful if you know of any natural remedy that can help keep this pest away from my backyard.




Here I finish my publication today, I hope it has been pleasant for everyone, and remember that it is always necessary to respect all the beings that inhabit Mother Earth, but sometimes you have to put a limit on them, as I will have to do with this invasion of ants. Greetings.

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