Microdosing or Using Up The Little Bits

This is in response to a request by the one and only @edprivate, almost a full year ago... sorry buddy it took a while.

Hello there all you beautiful people on HIVE, Today I'm here to preach to the choir. I'm going to talk about Micro dosing. Now wait a minute before you get excited...

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

My Experiences with our little green friend.

The Cannabinoid family, Weed, Hemp, The good Shit.


Sometimes its all about perspective.

There is currently a lot of Research available on both the medicinal effects and the mental health effects of These Plants in the the form of, CBD and THC. So I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here. I'm specifically going to focus on Micro dosing. You know tiny amounts for cumulative effect.

I personally have been treating Primary Progressive MS with success for a Few Years now. At least I'm going to call it a success as I aint vibrating in my chair like a fuckin windup toy these days.

So my regime is simple. Take One and all of the following-

Shot Glass
Stirring stick (Back of the spoon works nicely)
Approximately 1/10th (0.10) of a gram of good quality homegrown green.
DO NOT USE RESIN. Gets you high but that's it.
Honey and Boiling water.

Mix it in the small glass cup (I.E. Shot glass or demitasse) and let it cool down a bit.


I got some ceramic demitasses that look like old paper cups, I love these motherfuckers so I use them.

That simple. This is something I do twice a day every day. Usually first thing in the morning and early evening. Timing isn't everything as If I'm going out or up late Ill change it about a bit.

Now Microdosing the green isn't new, its been researched alot in the last 20 years. Some of the most publicized works on the topic are by Dr. Allan Frankel. Worth a read if your interested in a more technical breakdown.

Seriously the dude knows his shit.

There have been a number of other articles published in medical journals and information (Sadly usually as foot notes) comparing ingesting the plant to taking the oils.

Remarkably the plant itself has a number of components that when ingested have a natural balancing effect on the chemicals produced by our own body. Such as antioxidants that are said to shield myelin from attack, and NAD Inducers, Neat huh?

Mother nature knows her stuff.

So with my 'seriously not a doctor' head on, I'm going to go into details on my PERSONAL experience.

As it stands there are over 80 chemical cannabinoids identified in mother nature's production line, Many of these remain in the blood stream longer than THC or CBD and all of them remain in your body longer the more frequently you take them. (Why some of us might have failed that drug test when everyone said it'd be gone after a few days)

So To me that shows the possibility, no the Probability of a cumulative effect. I only have 3 Test groups using my method so far and I loosely term the method as 'mine'.

Like I said, reinventing the wheel here.


See Like I said, Mother nature...

My reasoning for my way of doing things is a bit of a shot in the dark, but Honey is good for you in its own right (and it tastes nice) simple.
Adding boiling water converts A significant portion of THCA to THC Without degrading the other properties too much.

So that's the Simple reason for my brainamathing suggesting this course.

So here are my observations.

I have found .10 grams to be my sweet spot, My friend treating osteoarthritis has found His to be a bit higher at .15 and another friend treating PTSD and Anxiety has found it to be at .20.

The Friend treating osteoarthritis hasn't smoked weed since the 1970s,The Friend treating PTSD and chronic anxiety attacks has NEVER smoked.

In each case this method took a few weeks to kick in with any significant effect, and reached its maximum potency after between 6-8 months.

The Friend With Osteoarthritis- Has significantly increased mobility and has reduced his prescription pain medicine and anti inflammatory medication to 1/3. Improved blood flow and lower blood pressure which previously ran high. A noticeable INCREASE in awareness and general wellbeing.

His Depression Lifting lay or may not be because of this regime, but is worthy to add as a foot note.

The Friend with PTSD- Previously suffered from crippling panic attacks, flashbacks, and chronic Nightmares. They are now much more comfortable, suffering from a greatly reduced number of panic attacks with a near complete stop to the flashbacks and nightmares. Same noticeable INCREASE in awareness and general wellbeing.

They have also become much more sociable. Once again It could simply be the calm and lowered anxiety.


Time for a refreshment.

Me: Well I've covered this in detail in another post previously, but its made a huge difference in my general health. Improved circulation, nearly stopped MS related shaking and involuntary spasms, etc.

The benefits from decreasing just the everyday stresses and anxieties in everyday life are exceptional and lower stress conditions correlate directly to Prolonged life and health.

I have had a lot more luck microdosing the plant directly than either THC or CBD oil. I personally believe that each has its place in the medical world, but that little bud has a lot more to offer than those components alone.

Smoking has no effect on My MS, however it helps me with a sleeping disorder, and pain management. I have friends it helps with anxiety and depression and a number of other reasons.

Since I've been microdosing I require less when smoking to have a purely medical effect, The down side is it takes a lot more to get baked. But hey its a small price to pay.

So time to skin up, relax and take a load off.



Hope you enjoyed the read and by all means, Roll one, Smoke one, and have a cuppa.

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