Is a healthier lifestyle stressing you out?

Healthy eating can be fun, energetic, nutritious, vibrant - but sometimes it can also become a stressor in our life.

Sometimes we can get caught up in leading a healthy life that we put too much pressure on ourselves and forget to enjoy all those precious experiences in life, including delicious flavours.

And at the end it is our health, the one thing that we were striving for, that suffers since stress is affecting our whole body in a negative way.

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So how can we find more balance in a healthy everyday life?

🌿 PLANNING: Planning ahead (meal planning, food prep, grocery shopping etc.) to make the daily decisions for healthy meals easier.

🌿 PRIORITIES: Setting priorities around the healthy habits that are really important to you and be more flexible with the rest.

🌿 SLOW AND STEADY: Take one step at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many changes all at once.

🌿 ACCEPTANCE: Do your best with the tools and opportunities you have - make peace with what you can’t control.

🌿 MOVING ON: Forgive yourself for any setbacks right away - every day is a new opportunity to support our body with healthy habits.

🌿 BALANCE: Let go of perfection and celebrate all your small successes.

One thing that helps me most to find more ease in healthy habits is a reliable routine. Doing certain things at a specific time every day (e.g. prepping my juices for the day, meditating, talking a walk) while still allowing space for spontaneity. This makes healthy choices so much easier and more enjoyable.

Have a wonderful day,

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