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Some days back, I finished working on a particular commissioned drawing and was about making arrangements to have it delivered to my client. Messaging my client, she told me to pause the delivery for the main time that she's currently not in a good shape. I'm always concern about people so I asked her what's wrong? And she responded saying she's mourning a loved one, and immediately I felt her pain and understands why she would want some time for her to grieve. I ask if the person that died wasn't feeling well in the first place, she responded saying he actually committed suicide. This really touched me, because when I asked, she did affirm the young man has been going through a lot, but she never imagined he would contemplate taking his life.

I really was emotional after finding out how the young man died, this made me started researching and trying to understand why and how the idea of attempting suicide comes to us as humans. And the biggest cause of it is DEPRESSION. So many persons are facing depression and with the state of the world so many persons don't know who to turn to for help or what to do to help them feel better. If you are reading this, I want you to know there is always someone for everyone that actually care, you really don't have to take your life. After much research, I told myself I will work on a personal project where I will write topics relating to this subject matter at least once in a week, so people can know how best to help those around that might be thinking about taking their lives or better still, it might even give someone a reason to want to live again.

Life has it's ups and downs, but believe me, life is beautiful, it is beautiful when you choose to be free of negative thoughts and embrace positive thinking. You have a purpose in this world and I believe taking your own life is not that purpose.

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Suicidal ideation has to do with someone wanting to take their own life or someone thinking about committing suicide. Suicidal ideation happen to be of two types, there is the passive suicidal ideation and also the active suicidal ideation. Passive suicidal ideation is that point where someone wish they could die but they don't have any plan to take their own life. They just build that thought inside of them but will never take their own life. While Active suicidal ideation, is when the person thinking about taking their own life and also plan how he or she will go about doing it.

Suicidal ideation happens to be one of the symptoms of depression but understand that it may also happen in people living with other mental problems but that does not mean it does not occur in people with no mental illness, it actually also happen to those with no mental illness.


Someone you know or even someone dear to you might be contemplating suicide, here are some signs to look out for in other to better help them. These signs might come in different form for different individuals, but it's advisable you watch out for the most common signs:

  1. Staying away from loved once. There is great difference between wanting solitude and someone actually stay away from those closest to them. Watch out for this, solitude is a time we give to ourselves to reflect more on who we are, it's way different from you actually isolating yourself from those dear to you. This is a sign to always watch out for, you might just save a life.

  2. Talking about death or jokingly always talking about how much they feel like taking their own lives. Once something becomes too much, it's definitely no longer a joke. I have hear people talk about how people give hint prior to their suicide act but those signs were ignored and one of such signs is them always making statements and jokes about their death. When such statements are becoming normal to them, you really need to watch those set of persons closely because their mind is already concluding on what they need to do.

  3. Acting as if they are saying goodbye to people. Most times a lot of persons having the thought of suicide always do this, they start giving signs of them saying goodbye, sometimes in their conversation they can ask questions like, what if I'm no more? Or what if you don't get to see me tomorrow, you no, weird questions that makes it look like they are saying their goodbyes.

  4. The feeling of hopeless can be noticed in them. They feel trapped with no where to go or nothing else to do, so they just lose all hope. Watch out for this, such persons still need validation that there is more to why they are alive, because the moment they no longer can't find a purpose, they take their own lives.

If someone special in your life admit that they want to commit suicide, please do anything in your power to make that person feel safe. Make yourself available for them whenever they need you so they don't feel lonely or left out. If you noticed how serious the situation is, it's something you can no longer handle alone, involve a mental health professional or better still look for an active suicide hotline and call them for advice. Always check up on that loved one of yours untill you are sure that their mind is in a safe state once again.

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So many things can trigger suicidal thoughts in anyone, most times these thoughts come in when you feel hopeless and feel like you lack control of your life or there is no meaning or purpose to your life anymore. Such feelings may be triggered due to things like having relationship problems, facing trauma, wrong use of substance, work pressure, facing financial difficulties or it could be the person is experiencing some health issues. Below are some of the causes of suicidal ideation.

  1. Mental health problem could be a major cause for so many persons. Someone having mental health disorder such as bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or depression can also contribute to the thought of wanting to take their own life.

  2. The feeling of hopelessness or loneliness can also trigger the thought of suicide. Hence it is very important to be watchful of those loved once that suddenly start isolating themselves from other.

  3. Now, this might sound weird but it's true, always watch out for people that have a family history of suicide cases. The victim knowing this has been done before in his or her family can also trigger that thought for them, they feel like it has always been a way out for them so, it's easy for them to key onto the idea. Please be watchful of such persons.

  4. Someone that is being bullied all the time, this can trigger that thought in their mind. If the bullying does not stop, they end up taking their own life.

So many things like I said before can cause or trigger the thought of suicide in anyone. Sometimes it could be feeling of neglection, trauma from rape situation, or being abused by someone. So many things can cause this to happen.

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I understand you will question if suicidal ideation is s disease since I'm about sharing how best to treat it. Well, to me it is a disease, a disease that needs to be removed from the mind of people contemplating or having thoughts of committing suicide. So, are you having thoughts of taking your life or you feel someone you love is contemplating such act? Well, here are some ways to better treat your mind from having suicide thoughts.

  1. Go for psychotherapy or have a talk with a therapist so you guys can understand why you are having suicide thoughts and he or she (the therapist) can help you cope with this feelings that are eating you inside.

  2. If someone is going through these phase of life, another way to support this person is by joining them for their therapy sessions. There is something called family therapy, this will better help family members understand what the victim is going through and how to actually support them.

  3. A good way to better treat suicidal ideation, the person having suicide thoughts should change their lifestyle. They should embrace more positivity into their life. Practice a more productive way of managing stress, care for yourself by always giving yourself enough sleep, build a very strong support network from friends and family, and try to find time for those things that are of interest to you.

  4. Always try to identify those things that always trigger the suicide thoughts. Once you know those things that trigger the thought, try as much as possible to look for positive thoughts that you can always use to replace them. Try to eliminate those things that trigger you into that state.

  5. Relief yourself from stress, find ways that work for you and always apply them to free yourself from stress. You can always try to meditate, or practice a very simple breathing exercises this will help you overcome suicide thoughts.

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Instead of being alone and allowing the thought of suicide to consume you or if you know someone that is facing this situation, they can better eliminate these thoughts by always talking face to face with someone. It could be your friends or family members, or even a counselor, anyone that's ready to listen and support. Chances of carrying out the act of suicide is better reduced when you talk to someone. The problem or whatever you are facing should not make you take your life you should not give up just yet, there are so many people out there that are ready to listen to you. If you are reading this, and such thought always trouble your mind, and you feel you have no one to talk to, I'm volunteering myself to listen to everything you have to share without judging or even making you feel less of yourself. There are so many persons that love you, you just don't know yet because you are not allowing yourself see them. I really hope this save someone today, if you can't confined in family and friends, how about you try a total stranger, I'm available if you need someone to talk to. I really hope you find SOLACE.


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