Pineapple Juice and Mythos in Indonesia

Hello, I hope you're okay. Indonesia is entering the rainy season. Early this morning it rained quite a pour, it made me lazy working. But, I have to work. I started with making juice. This habit has been going on since April 2021, then. I start making the juice morning and night. Sometimes strawberry juice, dragon fruit, mango and stuff. Starting this month, I'm trying to add vegetables. I once reviewed cucumber pineapple juice. It's good.


I tried to make pineapple juice, but because my blender was too small. I failed to get a good juice. Looks like I'll have to buy a bigger blender. So, the bigger blender can make juice better. Before I share the combination of juice that make, I'd like to tell you if in Indonesia is a lot of myths.


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One of them pineapple. Even though, pineapples have a lot of benefits to the body. Pineapple turns a lot of minerals, betakarateen and folat. Those two things, help you to have a healthy reproductive system. In fact, if you regularly consume pineapple can increase the chance of a pregnancy for women.


It turned out to be a reverse match with a myth in Indonesia. At least, there are three myths about pineapple. I've been banned from eating this fruit since I was a kid. According to my parents, pineapples can produce an unpleasant smell of vaginas. And it can cause female whiteness. But it wasn't true. Here's a myth of pineapple for women in Indonesia.


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The Myth of Pineapple

1#. vaginal discharge in women

According to the information I have read, there is no research that proves it. I once met a doctor, according to him the causes of vaginal discharge in women are various. Not from pineapple. The cause of vaginal discharge can come from bacteria, fungi or irritation reactions. So, you don't have to worry about this myth anymore.


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2#. Causing contractions to the pregnant mother

If you know, contraction isn't about eating pineapple. It's because of the weak. Pineapple fruit can be used to help the delivery process. Because pineapples have a bromelain that can soften the cervix and trigger a contraction.


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3#. Pineapple causes miscarriage

From the information I have gathered, there is no research that proves pineapple can interfere with the content. The fetus is formed from protein and pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which can break down protein but the amount is very small. So, it is still safe to consume in reasonable amounts.


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The ingredients Used

So, that is my story about pineapple. Well, you don't have to worry to eat or drink juice pineapples anymore. There's a lot of content in good pineapples for your body. I'll share the juice I made today. I made orange pineapple juice. It's because it failed to canpur vegetables on juice. Barely those ingredients I used.


1#. an orange
2#. Half a pineapple
3#. Enough water
4#. lemon water
5#. Ginger, enough


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How to Make

bBcaus my blender is too small, I have to peel and cut ginger with small size. It's so ginger to cut off easily inside the blender. Mix all the materials and extra water. You also added honey to the juice. Then, you can blender all the materials up to fine. I consume this juice twice in a day. You can also feel the warm sensation of the ginger added to the juice. Good luck!


Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

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