Happiness - WTF?!

Humanity is never satisfied... [ho hum]


many humans are never satisfied and on a collective level it may at times feel that ALL of humanity is never satisfied - but there are indeed humans that are satisfied with their life. Whole groups of them infact. (Who woulda thunk it?)

What seems to be the disconnect with the disgruntled portion of the population?

A human wants to be happy ----------- A human is happy

A human is not happy and wants to be happy.

What is happiness?

Outside of excitement and emotionally charged joy - I define happiness as being content.

The ability to live with and accept what is within our means and within our control and to be satisfied with that.

Happiness can also mean to have an ever-abundant energy source which then generates being content and having security and independence. We can become addicted to various sources however there is only one source that truly flows ever-abundantly.

'Spiritual teachers', for example, can lead us towards or direct us away from source using energy first attained from source like a teaser coaxing the ego into a behaviour in pursuit of being content.

The ability to be happy neurologically as a human is greatly affected by participating in a community and taking on an accepted active role within that community. Within this it is also greatly affected by simply having or not having what is necessary for basic survival. But outside of that -

Happiness is anyone's game!

The pressure of existence in the 'civilized' world aligns us with intentions we would otherwise not have given any of our precious gusto.

We decide who we are in this brave new world - energy and how we deal with energy in our lives greatly affects who we end up defining ourselves as. We decorate our identity with things that require a lot of energy to maintain.

When we don't have the energy to maintain these decorations, we don't have these things and therefore believe we cannot be ourselves. (What a conundrum!)

By decorations in the broader sense I mean anything from a personality trait to a skill, to a house or an everflowing instagram account that provides an endless resource of attention. For example, a person can commit energy to a personality trait to become hyper-positive all the time but are unable to maintain it so they go through ups and downs and only show people the 'good' face while being a morbidly depressed glutton behind closed doors. To find a way back to source this individual first has to be able to be honest with themselves about who they truly are, where they are really at and what they really want.

What is energy?

Source as in nothingness is an ever flow of abundant energy - but this kind of energy does not allow the individual to control it according to their will - that's why we're so involved with free will here on this plain. We want to be someone - not just another click in the galaxy's endless parade.

So we pursue a type of source that has been filtered into another source that is usable by anyone for any purpose.

Energy in this sense represents free-will which represents control.

I do not use control in a negative sense - it is both good and bad as we require control for our daily lives to function.

We can also greedily strive for it out of proportion or out of an irrational sense of self-entitlement and put ourselves in a position to acquire a lot of it, developing behaviours that allow us to more easily change our social environment.

It may appear that an aim of the current system of civilization is to block the human's access to source energy and thereby make it dependent on the system - removing memory of source energy's existence. This however is a deception that requires our consent as ALL is source. It's not something that can be separated from - the separation occurs when we at some point make a choice to separate within.

Money or currencty (crypto inclusive) is a form of energy.
It is neither good or bad - but it represents physically this filtered type of source we all strive for in order to be happy. The ability to move our reality as we see fit in a community that agrees on the value of this energy and with it agrees to a system of accountability as a community (yes, even big bad global society is a form of community, no matter how separated from source it may be...).
Our addictions and our dependencies on a waning energy source mean that we can never consistently be happy. There will always be ups and downs. By committing to limited energy sources we can never retain consistent energetic independence unless we take from others in a limited energy model.
To be truly happy and therefore truly content we must retrain the mind to be dependent on an abundant source that never runs out that all people can draw from.
The issue with this for many is the fear that they will lose themselves.
If who you are as this thing you are is not working for you - why do you persist in being it?

"This is who I am, I cannot change." - Common response.

The choice has already been made for that person. ^
There is a path to happiness for everyone.
Suffering is necessary so we can learn to not become dependent on temporal energy sources - humanity has 'u' turned from this lesson of suffering and instead chooses to constantly generate entire kingdoms and societies based on energy hoarding - which rise and fall in a cycle like a big washing machine.

The game of life continues.

So many hierarchies of information and power.

Many feed off each other and start wars to take more of what the other has - to demand, usurp, absorb, dominate and control.

It's a big energy soup. Humanity scrambles for more and more and more and more - because they fear to be absorbed and resolved - they fear what will become of their lives, culture and identities if they accept the well spring of a true source as their source.

What to do?

We've found ourselves at this point in the story. We can watch, participate - get angry, sad, lonely, happy - mourn... in self-observation we can only go through so many of these cycles without realising how absolutely mundane this existence is - a constant retrieval of energy over here or over there - at this party or that funeral or this job or that house or this life or that culture.

Death is the marrying of the self with the universe - Sufi saying

Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that made him sick. - Hippocrates

Life can also be a constant celebration of existence. As we live it - we are not simply running from one 'feed' to another 'feed' but rather are always energized and living love in everything we do.

How long will we hold ourselves back from this state of bliss just so we can retain this 'who we think we are'?

Meanwhile the drama of the world continues in all its forms. All the levels and layers in the great game of control and energy politics.

Acceptance is within anyone's grasp. There is no one thing that can hold you back from resolution with source.

Source is not thinking how it can control you. Source is simply source.

We project mechanisms of control on oneness - but it does not have the capacity to be conniving or vindictive - it is simply source.

Do as you please - just do it with awareness.

Observe the self and the reactions through maintaining conscious awareness on the breath while doing anything at all.

Don't let one single thing slip!.

Persist with this with such drive and determination that nothing can get in the way of your knowledge of self and therefore your reuniting with oneness.

In love,

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