Ways To Bring Laughter Into Your Life - Laughter Challenge

This would be my first time participating in a contest organized by this community and its all thanks to a mention I got from @officialuroga who made an excellent entry, thanks for the mention once more. I have finally decided to make an entry for the contest after reading some funny entries and I will like to invite @zellypearl to participate in the contest, you can click Here for instructions.

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Well, the challenge for this week is a very interesting one and I can't afford to miss out on it. Just writing this article lightened my mood because it's all about laughter and I love to be happy, who doesn't love to? No one I guess.
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Yeah, it has been proven that laughter is a great medicine to good health and to laugh isn't a difficult thing to do, is it?

Laughter is an involuntary expulsion of air from the lungs made with body movements and an expression of the eyes to show excitement, satisfaction and merriment.

There are many benefits of laughter but I won't be writing on that. If you want to stay healthy, you have to learn to laugh more.

Laughter should be part of us, it is the most interesting part of life. We push through difficult times, unhealthiness and stress because of the fun times in between those times. A busy without laughter will surely end with sadness and being moody, you don't want that right?

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So I will be sharing ways to bring laughter into your life, I will want you to try one way at least if you know you find it hard to laugh sometimes. Laughter shouldn't be conditional but freely done.

Ways To Bring Laughter Into Your Life

- Surround Yourself with Fun People

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I hate being bored, moody or stressed out so I try as much as possible to be around fun friends. I've also once thought that I must marry a funny person, I don't want dull moments in my home. Learn to be around people who would tell jokes to make you laugh at anytime, it brings laughter to your life even when you're not with them for sometime.

- Count Your Blessings

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Positive thoughts have proven to make people happy, learn to count your blessings every morning so you could start your days on good notes. Laughter and humor is not far from who feels grateful for every good thing that happens. Try not to think of negative things, they steal your laughter away and that would result to more stress.

Here is a funny meme I made, I hope it got you smiling

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So, as I was saying about the ways to bring in laughter to your life:

- Smile Always

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Have you noticed that whenever someone smile at you, you can't help it but smile back? You can try it if you haven't noticed it before. Learn to smile at everything, you would get someone to smile also and guess what! Those two smile may result to a burst out of laughter, you can try this whenever.
Someone said "Your laughter is making my laughter laugh" That's how contagious laughter can be if you would let allow it.

- Deal With Your Stress (Difficult times)

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Of course, we can't control sometimes when we find ourselves so stressed out, moody and even in tears. But we can deal with it by finding ways to lighten our mood up. I remember a day I burst out into laughter while I was crying, that was all thanks to a joke I heard.

Others ways to bring laughter into your life:

  • Do amusing things and laugh at yourself
  • Watch funny movies and you tube videos
  • Read comic books
  • Play with kids - They are so much fun
  • Try to tell jokes in conversations

I would be stopping here, I hope I come up with another entry that would be fun filled before the deadline. Till then, keep up with laughing and say No to bad moods and joy killers.

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