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We have just had a space open up on Natural Medicine for the Woman's Health editorial, previously written by @danielapevs, who has had to give up her work here due to real life commitments. We wish her all the best and are so grateful for the effort she has put into the Moon Journal over the last few months.


  • You'll need to publish an editorial once a fortnight through the @naturalmedicine account, alternating with @drrune's 'The Orrery'
  • Posts must be scheduled for 8pm UTC Fridays, but you can write them ahead of time.
  • Your writing must be in excellent English (please no translators) and cover any topic to do with woman's health.
  • You must use the supplied cover image and footer but you are free to format the rest of the post as you wish.
  • You can list yourself as author of the post.
  • You have creative licence to present how you like - read some of our other editorials such as Mindful Life or Plant Based to get a feel for what you can do. We don't mind if it's a long article or a shorter editorial of a few paragraphs and more of a 'curation' of woman's health issues on HIVE.
  • Whilst you are in the account on FRIDAYS you should upvote and reblog relevant content with the account. This might only take fifteen minutes or so, and should be done even if you've written the curation ahead of time. You can only upvote on Fridays but can reblog at anytime.


50 percent of the post payout goes to you, 50 percent to the account, which is used for challenges and upvotes.

You are welcome to suggest or negotiate other ideas. Please contact @riverflows via Discord riverflows#4691 if you are interested.


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