A Little Clarification, and a Warm Invitation


Last week, we announced we'd go 'english only' on the posts in the Natural Medicine community. This was a consensus decision by all our main team, including our dual language speakers. Whilst we didn't clarify that at the time (and probably should have!) it wasn't due to any desire to marginalise, separate or exclude non English speakers, but for aesthetic and convenience reasons. It can be super hard to read columns on mobile phones, or flip between paragraphs of one language than the other - in fact, can cause quite a headache! The aim is to get support for content, and if curators are skipping over dual language OR spending far too much time instructing people how to write in columns or making their posts clearer to read in dual language, well, that's no good for the curator or the person they're trying to find support for.

Furthermore, with beginnings of the @holos-lotus community on HIVE gathering Spanish speakers, it seemed the right thing to do - empower the Hispanic community to grow, whilst keeping the integrity of the English speaking content so it was much easier to navigate either language.

After conversations with the community about this declaration, we've acknowledged that 'single language' is the better option. That way, English speakers can always use Deepl or another translator extension on their browser to read great content from around the globe in all kinds of languages, supporting the wonder of a multicultural platform and all we stand to gain from it - friendships, wisdoms and abundance of many kinds.

We're also talking about how it might be possible to add a translator to the front end - we're not sure that it is, but it's certainly something worth looking into.

We're sorry if we caused offence - it certainly wasn't intended that way at all. We've always tried to be inclusive and to spread abundance to all, no matter where you come from or who you are, and will continue to do so. Many of you will attest to how we have always been about inclusivity in the past, and going forward, we're really warmly inviting you to share your awesome #naturalmedicine content - in whatever language you choose.

As long as it's only one!


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