Blog #34: The Unforgettable Day at Danasan Eco Adventure Park

How will you cope stress? Will you just stay at home and sleep? Or would you prefer to take vacation?


Hey Hivers!

Going back the time when I was still working in a manufacturing firm, I can say that I had many good memories with my colleagues.

I remember everytime we felt that we were already exposed of too much stress at work, we organize a one-day escapade. We love connecting with nature, our preferences would always be beach or mountain.

Before this escapade happened, our Section Manager had noticed a series of filed sick leave within our section and since there was also a colleague under her whose employment was about to end (due to resignation) our Manager planned a one-day escapade just to relax and at the same time to give a bye2x party to a colleague. All of us in the section agreed to her. And we'd decided to visit Danasan Eco Adventure Park because that time the park was newly opened.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

This is located in Danasan, Danao City, Cebu. It is almost 2-hour travel from the City. Tne nature park boasts of various activities and attractions that will make your heart skip a beat while allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of Cebu. For adrenaline junkies, activities like sky biking, ATV rides, and the sky drop will awaken the adventure in you! For nature lovers, the relaxing horseback riding and exciting waterfall exploration will make you appreciate the environment even more. But whichever activity and attraction you choose, you'll surely have an unforgettable time at Danasan Eco Adventure Park.source

We took a basic breathing exercise for a few minutes in this beautiful place. We just cleared our mind from stress and negativities. It is definitely a relaxing place.


After our short meditation, we enjoyed taking photos.

We were surrounded of green grasses and trees. The sky was cloudy. It was not too hot outside meaning it was a perfect weather for an outdoor activities.


The view was spectacular so I never let the opportunity passed without taking a photo.


As we arrived in our room, we had noticed a mosquito net. I remember when I was a kid my mother would not allow us to sleep without it, this is to protect us from mosquito bite. So what we did, we get inside and let someone took a photo. It's cool, right?


Some of my colleagues tried an ATV ride and some tried horseback riding.


Do you have a hyper friend? I have a hyper colleague. While the crew instructed us how to operate the ATV, she did not attentively listen the instruction. She pressed anything in the ATV. After a few seconds, all of us was shockingly saw her flying and fell under the car. We didn't know how she did it. I was shaking as I saw her beneath the van. Of course, she paid the damage.


Have you tried wakeboarding? I was just a support system to my colleagues. Everytime they fell in the water, I shouted "You can do it". I would love to try but that time I was attacked by the numbness of my arms. Aside from that, I had the doubts of the water. I can't say that it was safe if I can drink it accidentally.

Actually, it was not deep but it is stagnant. For those who are not really good at swimming but loves to experience wake boarding, this is so perfect for them if they would not consider the cleanlines of the water. I always look for a pristine water. Look at it. So that time I'd preferred to be their number one fan and cheerer (lol).


If you would always like to connect with nature, I can say that this is the perfect place for you. This eco adventure is so huge. No one will gets angry if you talk loud because other might not heard your loud voices because they were in a distant area.

This is always our favorite thing to do- a jump shot.

Have you seen our happy faces?


We avoided to talk a topic that would triggered stress. We just shared funny things to temporarily forget the bustle in the office.

The day was filled with laughters and adventure. It was exactly what we need after we exposed of too much stress at work.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

Some photos were edited using Canva


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