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Tape Ketan Hitam


Hello everyone and community, I want to share a story about the traditional snack or traditional food from Indonesia, namely Tape Ketan Hitam (or black sticky rice tape). I get this food from my neighbors. Family my neighbor makes tape ketan hitam (or black sticky rice tape). because it is an event in my neighbor's hometown.

Tape Ketan hitam (or black sticky rice tape) is a traditional Indonesian food. This Food wrapped in banana leaves, tape entered into the category of traditional dessert in Indonesia. Tape Ketan hitam (or black sticky rice tape) can be easily found by various friends in Indonesia such as traditional markets, supermarkets, snack shops, or shops for souvenirs. In addition, tape Ketan black can be also found in a variety of events and Indonesia such as a wedding or eid al-Fitr.

Tape black sticky rice is a fermented black sticky rice that previously got the mixing of yeast, which is then allowed to stand in a few days to get the result of fermentation in the form of alcohol content. Alcohol is what causes the black sticky rice to a sweet and refreshing.

The myth in the Making Process


The process of making tape ketan hitam (or black sticky rice tape) is something that is not easy. Sticky Tape must pass through several stages and processes, starting from soaking, steaming, cooling, steaming again, to the fermentation process. In addition to making a difficult, making tape black rice also has a variety of stories myths that exist in the life and culture of Indonesian people.

Some of the myths when someone will create a tape ketan hitam (or black sticky rice tape ) as not to be emotional, not in a state of menstruation (for women), not pain, not noisy, and should not be having sex during the fermentation process the tape is completed (about 2-3 days).

Various myth-making tape, can you believe it or not that up to you, but a lot of the makers of sticky tape still maintain this myth during the process of making tape. For me, the core of all sorts of myths is the manufacture of tape should focus, if we are sick, emotions, menstrual, and noisy concentration of the mind will be reduced and make the tape into a fail. For a ban on sex, during the process of fermentation tape. I am still finding out about it.


Health Benefits



Tape ketan hitam (or black sticky rice tape ) has many health benefits for the body. From the first, the tape is considered a source of probiotics that are good for the body. Probiotics contained in sticky tape can break down the carbohydrates that we eat, and produce other substances that are also beneficial for Your body. So our body will be easier to digest food and create a digestive tract to be smooth.

Sticky Tape with probiotics may also improve the immune system. Probiotics can help kill bacteria, viruses, germs, and fungi that are present in the food you consume. In addition, the tape ketan hitam (or black sticky rice tape ) which is consumed regularly can maintain the health of the skin and make the skin more healthy and fresh. It is obtained because the sticky tape has anti-inflammation.

Although sticky tape has a high content of probiotics, there are side effects if too much eating foods high in probiotics. The consumption of probiotics in excess can trigger a buildup of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract that cause digestive problems, such as flatulence and bloating. It's also so one of the reasons if people who have stomach ulcers should not take the sticky tape in large quantities.
Do you want to try the sticky tape?

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