Pickup and Delivery, Wood Cutting Prep, EMF METER DISCOVERY - Friday

So my day did NOT start wit ha soak. One of the problem with wanting to sleep but needing to be somewhere at a specific time. I forewent the soak so I could get to town to pickup grain and drop off the co-op order. I got tot the first brewery and AGAIN I had grain to pickup that I had not been told about but it works perfect since I am already dropping off the empties. I ended up getting both barrels into one and then went to get the other barrels. When I got there I was able to stuff both barrels into one so I only ended up with 2 brim full barrels of grain on the trailer.


I got the the co-op at 8:05 which was only 5 minutes later than normal when I am not picking up grain. I unloaded 240 pounds of squash with the 30 pounds of beans and 80 cucumbers. I've really liked the ability to drop a pallet and unload to it rather than unloading onto the dock.


A part of my morning was spent getting everything ready for today and my wood cutting trip. I had a chain for my saw that needed to be sharpened so I used the bench grinder sharpener to give it a good once over. I am taking my trailer as well so plan to have a solid load to bring home and want the extra chain if I need the extra fast cutting.

I got a bunch of cargo straps loaded, my ramp for the grain is still on the trailer so I can roll the logs onto the trailer and not have to lift them, the saw is all prepped and I have gas and bar oil ready.


I neglected to go up to the squash garden yesterday to uncover the melons but I made sure to yesterday. The cold DID hit up there and the squash leaves were all torched. The melons that I had covered though all looked perfect and the plants were still 100%. There are 20 little melons left that need to ripen but with a frost potential on Monday night I may be picking them all early. I cut the water to them so hopefully it will help them ripen faster.


SO, we got a Trifield EMF Meter and I put it to its first REAL use. I had a thought the other night that R's bed sits right below the main breaker panel for the house. I took the EMF meter and set it to the magnetic setting and put it on his pillow.


I got a healthy reading of magnetic fields that hit his head as he sleeps. The manual says that it should read below 5 mG and it was that on his pillow. I checked all 3 of our other pillows and we get .5 mG so he was getting 10x the magnetic field that we have been while asleep.


Move the meter up a bit towards the panel like if he was sitting up in bed and he was getting a huge dose of magnetic fields hitting his head that actually was too high for the meter to read. He has had a pretty consistent morning routine of awaking up in a REALLY bad mood, such that I have to tell him to go back to bed until he can wake up like a nice boy. My suspicions are that the VERY high magnetic field was screwing with his head and body and he was not sleeping well. It took me a while to do and I only got part of it done but I got his bead moved to the other side of the room away from the panel.

What you don't see is the room around me and that it is a COMPLETE DISASTER AREA. It took me far too long to be able to move his bed but it is no longer under the panel and my hope is that it will be a major step for him.


It started raining in the afternoon and I had to spend a while under the carport breaking down cardboard. The transfer station is horrible so I tend to save it for burn piles and fires in the pit but that means that I get piles of it. The car port is the defacto place to pile it and it needs a regular cleaning/break down. I got most of it dealt with but still have a bit more to figure out, like the 8 foot long pieces of cardboard the boys want to keep....

The evening was spent in the tub soaking. I wanted to get my body as mellow as possible before bed since today I am going to go cut a completely full load of wood.


I am going to go soak for a bit then I am off on my 2 hour drive north to go cut wood. It will be raining but that is perfectly fine since there is NO fire danger and I can cut with impunity. It's been a year or so since I was at the camp for the climbing wall where I am going to cut so it will be good to see it again. It's also where I killed my old truck so I get to see my tag on the tree that saved my life.

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