Sometimes you just need a walk and a friend to talk to

Hi Hivers!

Today my friend and I decided to go out after a long time not being out together. Almost a week, I was in the room doing nothing. After finishing tidying my room, I usually just played on my cellphone for hours. I also don't know why I do this more often than doing productive things when I know it's not good for my health. Because too often I have this habit, sometimes it makes me feel stressed. However, today I finally got out for some fresh air. Haha. Yup, because I'm an introvert who doesn't like the outside world. Sometimes, meeting a lot of people is a scary thing for me. Sometimes I feel nervous when I'm in a crowd alone. Meeting a lot of people is very draining for me. It's like you pour water into a glass that you've been filling little by little for days, and it only takes a moment to empty it. That's one of the reasons I rarely get out and walk alone. Too nervous when meeting people. It drains my energy.


I thought I would be confused and would not dare when I had to walk alone in a crowd. However, when I have friends I can rely on, it's not as bad as I think when alone. Sometimes it's my mind that destroys the walls I build. When you have a friend you can talk to or talk about random things with, you can control those scary thoughts instantly without fear of crushing your expectations. I think it's like a balloon. The more you think about it, the more chaos will fill the room inside. All you have to do is, stay calm and focused, so you don't think about too many things at once.

Today my friend and I are planning to go out to continue working on our final research. We decided to look for a place that can help us focus on doing our work and also, we need wifi to find some references. And yup, we went to the cafe for a few hours. When we are tired, we talk about random things until we get bored and go back to writing. It feels good can tell and hear stories rather than just sitting in the room alone.


After finishing writing for today, we spent the rest of the day going to one of the shopping malls. There were two places, but because one place was too boring, we moved to the next. Like the title above, we just walked around until our feet felt tired. We visited some interesting shops to see the stuff. By looking at various interesting items, it will increase the dopamine hormone in the brain. It gives a pleasant sensation when you can see things that make you happy.






Although tiring, sometimes we need things like this. Just walking around aimlessly, enjoying good food, buying things we like, chatting with friends, to meeting strangers we don't know at all on the street. It's nice to meet and cross paths with people who don't know us at all. Maybe we'll forget the faces of strangers we met somewhere quickly. Or maybe, we'll find new faces to remember for a while. No one knows. Sometimes we need to wander to find something we've never seen. Sometimes we need to talk freely with people we trust to release the burden. Trust me, even though it's tiring, it's worth it.


Thank you for reading my blog. Have a great day.

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