View From My Windows 🌸🌳🌿

Since lockdown has been set in the city where I am living, the windows of the room are like a 'string' that connects me with the natural world outside. The window is my natural medicine helping me releasing stress every day. I start to appreciate minimal things surrounding me and enjoy every single connection from little plants to neighbors blah blah thru the windows.


I am fortunate that from the windows I have plenty of natural life. I am able to see the sunrise thru open parts of the curtain every morning and don't even need an alarm now. As usual, I get up at 5:30 am, open my window and sit on the couch for 30' and listen to favorite podcasts in the morning, then prepare for my day slowly.


The first thing to start my morning is having coffee and a small breakfast. I am bbfortunate that all the views of the windows are so stunning. I used to stay upper floor and even get an ocean view, however, I left it for one of my lovely residents and now I am on the second floor, still beautiful!

In the room, I made a working desk corner which is next to a giant window where it provides the most natural light of the day, and even at night, I still get a very cosy light without using electricity.


It's starting autumn here and the weather is just fantastic outside, I must say I am so lucky to have a great view from my neighbor's garden, even better than from their house I think :)


I have a squash and plank habit every hour of work, and at the beginning, it has been quite difficult and sore with all my muscles. The natural perspective inspired me to continue working and to get used to it slowly.


The weather has been fantastic that makes the trees and plants are so gorgeous these days, it's the best medicine for me and everyone. The lockdown is becoming softer, personally, I don't feel any boundary to limit my connection with nature. I even could stay in touch with my neighbors while they are watching thru their windows too.


Nature is the universe's great mother – we're told that life is a way to go even in chaos. We are clearly aware of the important fact that it is extremely important to live each and every moment in full.

Stay Strong & Stay Safe Everyone πŸ’š

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