Five Best Indoor Plants In Your Home ☘️

Hello Hive friends,

Today I will share with you a few indoor plants that can change the look of your space and make your home more lively without spending a lot of time and money on decoration.


The fact that most people have no idea where to start and which plants they should choose as they are not professional in planting, they simply pick some pretty plants to home then figure it out after.
Being in home decor for few years, I have learned some tips that will help you a lot by doing some checklists following,
1. Evaluate your space. Which area would look better with green color?
2. Once you identified the area to accommodate the plant, you can check the temperature there.
3. Is that lightning area (I mean with sunlight) like windows, front doors, etc. This will help you to figure out what type of plants can thrive in your space. For example, you want to put plants on a window, where there is a lot of light during day time, you may choose something like succulents which can stay in dry and sunny conditions.
4. Check the plant from a garden near your area, not the online store as the soil and climate will have effects as well.
5. Another thing to keep in mind is water and fertilizer. Every plant needs vitamins, event low light plants. It will be depended on the plant category which I will mention in every plant I suggest below,


Snake Plant

Don't let the name scare you. The plant has cool look and low maintenance. It's easy to live in every environment and doesn't require much light and water. You can give once per two weeks if you put it in a low light area, and once every week if it's the front door or window. However, please check the earth before watering, it may be still moisture if the weather is humid.


This snake plant can filter out some nasty chemicals in the air so you can breathe easily while having it at home.

Aloe Vera

This is not only a perfect low-light plant but also a beautiful medicine. It helps you heal your sunburn, skin wounds, etc. Therefore, you can use some pots of aloe vera to brighten up your room and treatment as well.


Aloe vera needs a bit light, so it's better to be at windows or front doors area where you get sunny every day. src

This is one of the trendy plants at the moment. Everybody loves the fat and style leaves. Once you get them to grow, they are very easy to survive in indoor conditions.


You only need to water monstera every one or two weeks, just let the soil totally dry before watering. It's perfect if your place doesn't get direct sunlight. All you need is a bright area.

Monstera is also one of the most effective plants to reduce pollutants in your living area and make your space very stylish.


I love these plants so much, they are popular everywhere and have fast growth in tropical countries like ours. Once you plant, they will be spread along your area, despite being in soil or water pots. Pothos is a good investment as you can do cuttings easily and get so many plants as you want for the price of one.
Pothos is familiar in moisture environments so you can water them every day and the same as other plants, they are very good at filtering benzene, xylene in your living area.



ZZ plant

If you live in a very low-light place, the ZZ plant will be suitable to choose from. it has large potato-like rhizomes which help the plant survive drought in its natural environment. This type of plant doesn't need much water, you can give once per 2 weeks during the dry season and almost once per month during raining season as the temperature is quite humid. Personally, I have a lot of ZZ plants in-house as it's perfect for a person traveling often like me.


In Asia, this ZZ plant brings luck and prosperities to the house, therefore, they usually consider it as a great housewarming gift.src

According to Journal of Physiological Anthropology, having some indoor plants in your living space can help you to reduce both physiological and mental stress. You will definitely feel calm when you take care of your indoor plants, plus they also help purify the air in the home cleaner. So Why not having one? :)

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you the best of luck with your planting💚

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