Chlorine Dioxide Cures (symptoms known as) COVID

Nine years ago i attended a training course for the use of Chlorine Dioxide (aka CD & MMS) and graduated as a Minister of Health for the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. The non-religious church was set up by Jim Humble (who re-discovered the use of Chlorine Dioxide for human health) to attempt to protect those who try to help others with MMS from prosecution.

Chlorine Dioxide is an FDA approved substance for disinfection of water and in food processing. BUT, if you claim it can cure the diseases The Powers that Shouldn't Be want to kill you with, and become well known for spreading this info. then you may well get locked up in jail. Mark Grennon (Bishop of the church) & his sons are currently in prison in Bogota, Columbia for this reason. They are medical-political prisoners of the FDA!

Mike Adams @healthranger recently interviewed Mark Grennon. Read all about it in the link below and please share this information far and wide to help stop The Powers that Shouldn't Be committing Mass Murder of humanity.

Talking with Grenon, Adams has the preacher turned medical-political prisoner explain how and why he was arrested in the first place. Grenon explains how, when the COVID-19 pandemic started, he had started receiving multiple testimonies about the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide as a treatment for diseases, including COVID-19.


I carry an MMS kit with me whenever i travel and frequently give it away to those in need. When i ran The Sanctuary Holistic Healing Retreat Centre in Mexico (from 2012 to 2017 - now closed as i chose to move elsewhere), i helped guide many guests in the use of CD to successfully reverse many different diseases.

In this six minute video Dr. Manuel Aparicio tells The New American magazine’s Alex Newman that he has seen incredible results treating COVID19 and many other ailments using chlorine dioxide.

If you search the internet for info. re Chlorine Dioxide or MMS you will find much disinfo. as The Powers that Shouldn't Be and their paid task force of murder assistants do everything they can to prevent effective cues for disease becoming knowledge. Afher all, there are trillions of $$$ at stake for the Pharmaceutical / Medical for profit INDUSTRY which they own.

For the most up to date information and protocols about the use of MMS, i suggest visiting the MMS Forum and reading Jim Humble's MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
If you can't afford (or don't wish to) to buy a copy, let me know and i will ensure you can get access to this vital information.


Ps. Please research about and help to support The Matrix-8 Solution, a multi-level, bottom up equitable governance system, which includes a concentrated consensus and voting system. Find out more by joining and reading the posts in the New Age DApps community on Hive /created/hive-153630?

Pps. Chlorine Dioxide purifies water. Our human bodies are around 80% Water. By taking CD the body gets purified and is then more able to "cure" itself of disease. Hence Chlorine Dioxide is effective in reversing many diseases including cancer, diabetes, HIV, multiple sclerosis and much much more. Please do yourself and humanity a big favour by learning about and using this cleansing mineral.

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