The Medicine for the Wounds of Life



That night was not a happy night. But you still choose to curl up, warm yourself and make the choice to smile at the ceiling, whether it's the ceiling. Does smiling require a requirement that you have to be absolutely fine?


The tightness in your chest has not been healed by yesterday's failures. It feels like you're a loser forever. People around you leave you and think you are weak. It's okay if you're alone. You chose to accept it all like you were drinking a very bitter medicine until you recovered later.



Accepting the reality of life's misery is bitter medicine that you must continue to swallow until there will be a day when you become strong and ready to be who you really are.

It feels like you want to be constantly angry and screaming at life. Seeing the pleasure that seems to evaporate in front of people, you feel the world is unfair. But again, you don't choose to be angry. You just swallowed it all into a bitter truth, not a bitter life entirely.

You look up, there's still light. Not completely dark. You smile too. Don't pretend. It is gratitude for your life to still be able to see the light. That's a good sign, right?



What is the best medicine to recover from suffering, and the wounds of failure? There is a bitter truth that you have to accept. There is a hard struggle that you have to do every day. Don't be tired and don't be bored. But most importantly, you have to believe it will lead you to a better future.


Your wounds still make your body and mind weak. You don't feel like getting up again, but hope is the best medicine. And walking outside is calm amidst the noise of your head full of pain.

Hey, you're strong.
Don't give in to pain.
You will become a master of life, only if you believe.


These lyrics are inspired by my daily life when I process many things. I wanted to take note of it all and maybe it's worth reading for you guys. Who knows. :)

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