My juice fast experience and the benefits

Hello, good people! I haven't wrote much about my experience since going 100% plant based 14 months ago with the focus primarily on raw fruits and veggies. In an attempt to get rid of some recurring issues that made my everyday life sub-optimal, I've turned to lighter, hydrating foods which already resulted in improved health. The clear next step that would get me even deeper into the healing was a juice fast.

One of the main reasons we develop chronic health issues or simply are not thriving with infinite energy is because of accumulated waste matter in our intestines and mucus formed around the organs. This is developed over decades of eating food not designed for our bodies and not enough hydration to keep the lymph system clean and flowing. Blocked lymph system and eating dehydrating foods is the source of all of our problems, physical mental and spiritual. So how can juices help open up these channels of elimination and return us to equilibrium?

By going on a "solid food vacation" and giving our digestion a rest, the body can finally focus on cleaning and repairing itself. Our body is infinitely intelligent, it will always do it's best to keep us in balance. Unfortunately, we often take it for granted and not listen to its subtle messages.

So, when you stop consuming fiber and solid food and fill your gut with fresh squeezed juices, old stuff that's sitting in the intestines for months or years is slowly dissolved and flushed out of the system. Advantage of juice fast compared to a water fast is that you will be full of energy from the nutrients in the juice so you'll be able to do daily activities without any issues (occasional detox symptoms are possible). Structured water from the juices is more hydrating as well.

Important: Do not start a prolonged juice fast without proper preparation and consulting or studying from someone experienced in the matter, as it can be quite dangerous. It's necessary to first get your body used to lighter food by consuming mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. It depends on individual and this period can last for a month or more before one is ready to go for it. Shorter fasts of 1 to 3 days can be done without long preps. Same goes for breaking the fast, it's important to slowly transition back to eating by first consuming lighter foods like watery fruits.

Ultimate goal of a juice fast is to eliminate all the waste matter including the mucoid plaque which is formed in our intestinal tract. It can take a month or many months before that is achieved. It's a great reset to return the body to it's natural functioning without issues like mal-absorption or poor elimination. However even short juice fasts or simply a daily juicing habit (replacing one meal with a juice) will have you notice incredible changes in your vitality.

How much and what to juice? From my and the experience of others, it's best to aim for 5-7 liters a day, with a minimum of 4l. That will give you enough energy throughout the day while not making you full or bloated. Personally, after 7 days I barely had any feelings of hunger while drinking around 5.5-6l. Fruits are more satiating while vegetables and leafy greens are packed with necessary minerals so it's best to include both, with at least one green juice per day which is the most astringent (pulling waste from the body).

Some of my favorite combinations are -
Black grapes, apple, lemon;
Honeydew melon, apple, ginger, lemon:
Orange, carrot, bell pepper, lemon;
Apple, cucumber, celery, kale/spinach, lemon, ginger;
Tomato, cucumber, celery, bell pepper, spinach, basil, lemon, garlic, jalapeno;
Or simply apple-lemon, pure watermelon, pure orange or any other mono juice.

Keep it simple or experiment as you wish. See what works best for you taste-wise, cost-wise, time-wise. Make it an enjoyable experience of getting back to your true nature while strengthening the connection with nature around you. It will make you stronger as you'll likely have to go through challenging moments of releasing old blockages and past trauma. Obstacle is the way.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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