homemade yogurt


Blessed day for my Hive family, this time I share the preparation of homemade yogurt.
Homemade natural yogurt is much richer and cheaper, so encourage it to prepare it in different flavors with fresh fruit.


First we put the liter of whole milk on the stove, until it reaches 80 degrees Celsius.
One way to know when to lower the pot off the stove is that when you see the first bubbles on the edge of the pot, then remove it from the heat.
Let it cool down to 45 degrees Celsius. It should be warm enough for a bath.add the yogurt in this case 140 Greek type, stir slowly and cover it with a blanket and plastic.


While the milk, mixed with the yogurt, rests for 4 hours, we wash the fruit that we are going to prepare in syrup very well.


Remember that we can do it with any fruit we want, it is simply to cut the fruit of choice in this image. I prepared it with strawberries.

At your table this delicious homemade blackberry yogurt, dare to prepare it and enjoy it as a family.


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