An old is the new "new" - Photography on film (series of analog images).


"The time is now", said I to myself and scanned two rolls of the films, which I developed yesterday and the day before. I was curious to try the new for me developer that I bought a few weeks ago as a great addition to my on-the-go developers. This time I tried Kodak HC-110 chemicals (you can skip this if the name of these products makes you yawning - I really understand you).

The process of the chemicals preparation was very different from the process I use already for years, but I was happy to try this and to see how interesting results I got. All this was photographed in Jerusalem during last week full of the Holidays and I had unlimited time to walk with my Hasselblad 500cm, loaded with Rollei RPX 400 and with Ilford HP5 when I finished the only 12 frames of the first film. Yes, medium format is fast ending roles, but it is very nice to have this ability to finish a roll of film faster. Especially when I shot in the area, which is interesting as an Architecture and the Culture heritage.

Perfect find for the black and white frame.



Imperial Hotel is located close to the Jaffa gate.


Now the second roll - Ilford HP5, which I developed in this new me Kodak HC-110. I found a few explanations with different times of developing process for the same E dilution. I choose one, and Bingo - the frames turned out very clean and good in terms of contrasts.

The negative :


And the scanned frame :


And the camera i used this time :


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