Sandcastles and the sea.

A very windy day and the beaches were deserted.

But this artist was clever, as tomorrow is a public holiday and then the long weekend will start.

Many visitors will arrive and we hope that he will sit in the pound seats with the donations to his works of art.
So put on a hat and a light jacket to block the stinging sand blown by the strong wind on the beach and come and walk with us.
You will also be pleased by breathing in the salty sea air and the crashing sounds of the breakers in your ears.

Pure soft white sand and the clouds were streamed by the winds in a blue sky.

So lovely to see this guy's ideas of sand castles and he built them above the high tide mark near the paved beach promenade.
Clever as then the strollers could walk close enough to see his works.

Mother nature had her own ideas about art and she showed me this Grey Headed Gull, with two Kelp gulls a bit higher up in the sky.

There was a big tortoise beside the castle and it is a story theme about a lost old empire at the bottom of the sea.

Isolated and alone on miles of deserted beaches always leaves a song in one's heart.

Finally another female grey headed gull skimmed into the face of the wind across the shallows.

An amazing morning. Everyone was at work as the shops close down at 12 noon today because of the public holiday tomorrow that will result in a long weekend for everyone.
We have already seen a few cars towing camper vans and camping trailors on the roads and that can only mean that they are preparing to leave early tomorrow morning to their places of leisure.

Soon the masses will arrive at the beach every day of the long weekend, and we only hope that the weather will play the game.
In the meantime, we enjoy the isolation of this morning as we are not going anywhere and will just continue with our work.
People need the rest as most of them are overworked due to the economic hardships in the country and the lack of employment opportunities.
Such is life over here.

And That's All Friends!

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

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