World Ocean Day!

Today (June 8) is World Ocean Day and to celebrate I'd like to share some photos of ours that are ocean related.

Our oceans are so full of wonder and they are so vast that we can't even begin to understand everything about them. We also rely on them so heavily for food and medicine. Our oceans also help to keep the climate in check. And, the majority of oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans. That's a pretty important reason to protect them, right?

IMG_1819 - large jpegMetadata Large Jpeg.jpg
Colourful corals photographed in Bali

DSC_6855 - large jpegMetadata Large Jpeg.jpg
Shorebirds photographed in Canada

The things you do to help don't have to be big and bold, you can do small/simple things too that will make a huge difference. Things like picking up rubbish when you visit your favourite beach, reducing your single-use plastics, making a small donation to a conservation group, research organisation or marine animal rescue organisation. Signing petitions and voting are also great ways to get your voice heard on how you would like our oceans managed.

What are some things that you do to help protect our seas?

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Cuttlefish with sharks photographed in Australia

IMG_2241 - large jpegMetadata Large Jpeg.jpg
Manta ray photographed in Hawai'i

World Ocean Day has been coordinated by The Ocean Project for the last 17 years. For more information on World Ocean Day you can go to Some other organisations dedicated to protecting our oceans include:

This is just a select few that I've remembered off the top of my head. I wish I could name all of the groups and organisations out there working for our seas because I know that they are all do wonderful things.


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