Day trip to Gosangs Tunnel

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Around November last year my work mates and I decided to take a trip to Javis Bay, which is 200km south of Sydney CBD. We got there midday Friday to check in and left Sunday afternoon.

Sit back and enjoy our trip to Javis Bay.

šŸ“ Javis Bay

šŸ“· Canon 80D + Tokina 11-16 + Sigma 17-50

šŸ“ø Adobe Lightroom Classic

Along the way we stopped at Billys Lookout to take photos

Javis Bay Day 1.jpg

Javis Bay Day 1-4.jpg

As soon as we got to our accommodation that we rented from Air BnB, we dropped our bags and rested till the afternoon to explore.

Our first destination was Beecroft Peninsula walking track which will lead us to Gosangs Tunnel. This was a tough hike as I was carrying my DSLR camera + and my 360 camera with a mono-pod and I was wearing jeans while the sun was blazing. But the views was worth it!

Javis Bay Day 1-7.jpg

Javis Bay Day 1-9 (2).jpg

Javis Bay Day 1-10.jpg

Javis Bay Day 1-13 (2).jpg

We had to literally crawl through this dark cave to get to the other side, the views were amazing.

Javis Bay Day 1-16 12.jpg

Javis Bay Day 1-18.jpg

Javis Bay Day 1-17.jpg

Javis Bay Day 1-21.jpg

Javis Bay Day 1-29.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed my selection.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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