"The sailors say, 'Brandy, you're a fine girl!'"

How are you all doing tonight, friends? It’s just a bit before midnight and I’m putting the final touches on some new photography, which I’ll share shortly. This was a good day. I met @nickcdavis for a Zoom meeting, which was 90% about flexing my new DSLR streaming rig. It worked. He was impressed. We talked RPG’s, MTG, zines and podcasting. The rest of my night was spent editing. I wish I could have found time for writing […I hit a 10K word milestone on the book last night], but alas, there are only so many hours in the day.

Tonight, I was able to wrap up one of my beautiful clients on the east coast. This was a shoot from my last trip to New York City. Her name is Brandy Regale. She’s a pinup, and pin stripper artist from the New England area. This particular trip was slammed with sessions, back to back. Just a couple hours earlier, I was in Brooklyn shooting at the botanical gardens, then came directly to Queens. Brandy met me at a friends home who was willing to share her space to make it all happen. A perfect space, with natural light and lots of shadows.

Brandy has shot before, but I could sense that she was nervous. I helped her bring up a box of props and accessories to personalize the shoot. My usual assortment of candles, but these photos were taken in the living room next to two big windows. It was overcast, which is the most complimentary light you can hope for, and I had an opportunity to play with the illumination from the green midcentury modern frosted lamps next to the table. Brandy relaxed shortly thereafter and we started making some incredible captures.

This was the last set of edits I owed Brandy. She’s such a sweetheart. With this pandemic and all of the quarantining, she’s been a great friend making sure I’m okay and supported. This job has it’s ups and downs but I’ve gotten to meet some of the most genuine people in the world. I’ll always be grateful. Tomorrow, I’ve got a lot of illustration work ahead of me. I’m trying to finish a massive @eos.detroit project before the end of April. It’s a daunting task but I’m going to try my best. Good night, everyone!

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