Autumn postcard views of Vologda

Golden autumn as if obliges me to capture all its beauty every year. It seems that if I do not make pictures with yellow leaves, then I will be punished or I will miss something important.

In fact, there will be nothing for it. Nothing.

If all autumn I will do only graphic pictures or shoot only courtyards at night, then no one will tell me anything and will not do anything bad.

The main thing is what and how you like it.

If I started shooting night courtyards and I can't stop, then I don't need to stop. This is the real, from the the soul.

And if any kind of shooting does not go, it is not asked, then it means you need to leave it for later...when the time comes.

And again I mention reportage photography! Now, if you need to make pictures in this style, you have to force yourself, even if you don't want to.

And by the way, these are exactly shots that I took while in absolute space.

It was very difficult to concentrate and press the button.

I still managed to make postcards somehow, but with the street genre it was more difficult.

Several days passed and I already very vaguely remember what happened that day and what the state was. And through the pictures I still cannot feel anything.

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