The Index Token Update - We've Got SPS & New Tokens!

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It's time to talk about the elephant in the room and then give you guys a little update on some new tokens we'll be adding to INDEX today :)

We've Got SPS

In case you might have not heard, Splinterlands has done a little thing called SPS and has been airdropping it to asset holders over the past 48 hours.

INDEX holds over 6 million DEC which has translated into a very healthy little SPS air drop...


It's around 1100 or so SPS a day over the next calendar year which means...INDEX is a very large holder and will be throughout this coming year for SPS.

Which brings us to the case in point...

These are your SPS tokens.

And we will always come to you, to determine what we should do with them.

There are a few options, and we've got our favorite, but we are looking for your feedback.

  1. We can manually transfer the SPS we receive once a week (until we develop a script to automatically do it daily lol) to INDEX token holders. This would happen for the next 363 days until the air drop runs out.

  2. We can continue to hold SPS and stake it when staking is enabled on August 2nd. This will help the INDEX account grow and we could revisit distribution after the hype has gone down and things level out.

  3. Or we can poke around with ideas that you may have in the comments below and discuss them.

So we're leaning towards option 2 for a few reasons. The big one, we can't do this automatically yet which would be a logistical nightmare for us right now. But the biggest reason is that...

We all want to maximize the returns that SPS is sure to generate, and 1100 SPS tokens a day staked, is a lot more powerful than the few dozen we may all get depending on how many INDEX tokens you hold.

Also, it would allow us to work with you guys to get suggestions on how to maximize it even more and see where we are at in a few months.

But again...These are your tokens and we will honor whatever the community would like us to do.

Please please please, leave your comments and suggestions below :)

We hope everyone can see the vision we had for INDEX now, a lot of people just bought and sold, but crypto is a long term game in our opinion...And the SPS airdrop is proof, when you stay the course, and hold...Good things happen!

Remember - 80% of all rewards that INDEX generates goes directly to token holders!

New Tokens Added To Index



I mean...I think this one is obvious!

We're not above being on the hype train, and SPT is a no brainer right now. We'll be adding the Splinterlands community token to INDEX immediately and of course, this helps grow our daily SPS rewards as well!



One of the hottest engagement tokens on Hive Engine, and we're big fans of it!

Hive Pizza will be added to the INDEX tokens today!

Hope you guys like the new additions to INDEX and we're looking forward to hearing your input on the SPS management.

If you are interested in grabbing some INDEX, now is the time :)

Buy INDEX on Hive Engine Here!

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