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RE: Models with simple clothes look luxurious

RE: Models with simple clothes look luxurious

Thank you for sharing your photography, these are truly beautiful, but unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot promote photos of recognisable people without model releases giving permission for use by the person in the image. If you have a model release or can give permission, for example if the person in the image is yourself, then please state that clearly in the post.

For information on restrictions, please read our [important information post.]( /hive-118554/@hive-118554/about-stock-images-and-important-information-please-read-first) These restrictions only apply to the Stock Images community and not other, general photography communities, so please don't let this discourage you from sharing elsewhere. We would also encourage you to share images of people where they are not obviously recognisable, if you are up to the challenge.

Our apologies for the mute, but it is for this reason only and we encourage you to continue sharing your other work.

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